Prepare for the Holidays: Stock Up on Kobo eReaders and Accessories

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Order eReaders Directly From Kobo

As the holiday season approaches, ABA members can prepare by ordering Kobo’s Glo HD and Aura H2O eReaders — and accessories — directly from Kobo. Ordering is through a new Kobo corporate site and each store will need a new password to access it. Booksellers can review the buying process in this PowerPoint flow chart provided by Kobo for ABA members only (a BookWeb username and password are required to access).

Bookstores that are interested in buying direct should e-mail Kobo’s Catherine Villar and ABA’s Meg Smith with their store name, city and state, and the name and e-mail address of the person authorized to purchase devices and accessories. Only one e-mail address per store will be authorized.

Update Kobo Information on Bookstore Websites

Booksellers should be sure that the Kobo pages on their websites are streamlined and current by checking out the new content and resources available in the Kobo section of Designs and Downloads on Questions about using these resources can be directed to ABA Technology Director Greg Galloway.

Share Some ​Kobo eBook Specials​

Booksellers can offer customers a great way to eRead by adding these eBook specials to their store websites:

Bookstores not currently participating in the Kobo eReading program can click here to find out how to join. Questions and comments about all things Kobo-related are welcome at [email protected]