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Monthly Box Mailings, Quarterly Kids’ Box Mailings

These mailings offer publishers an easy and cost-effective means of communicating information to all IndieBound stores.

The Monthly Box Mailing, currently sent to 750 ABA member stores, contains the stores’ initial allotment of the latest Indie Next List fliers as well as any other timely materials from ABA; point-of-purchase materials from publishers, such as shelf-talkers, easelbacks, bookmarks, or posters; other marketing materials, including sell sheets and catalogs; as well as galleys, Advance Reading Copies (ARCs), and finished books that publishers wish for booksellers to read and consider stocking, hand-selling, and nominating to the Indie Next List. Stores “earn” their monthly box mailing through participation in various IndieBound and ABA initiatives each month, such as the ABA IndieCommerce Program, the ABC Children’s Group, regularly reporting to the Indie Bestseller List, and nominating titles to the various Indie Next Lists. This is an excellent and cost-effective way to reach the independent bookstore market, and by collating, packing, and shipping all these materials from one warehouse, we are able to offer publishers substantial savings in time, labor, and postage over individual mailings done on their own.

The Quarterly Kids’ Mailing offers publishers the opportunity to participate in a mailing dedicated solely to materials of interest to children’s-only stores, members of the ABC Children’s Group, as well as those general stores with active children’s sections. Mailings are scheduled for mid-February, mid-May, mid-August, and mid-November, and carry galleys, ARCs, F&Gs, finished books, and other materials that a publisher wishes to make available to this target audience (babies and toddlers through YA.) The mailing is currently sent to 750 stores.

Advance Access

Advance Access is a bimonthly mailing that aggregates publisher offerings of new titles with galleys, ARCs, or finished books available for review by ABA booksellers. Bookseller responses and requests are sent directly to the publisher for fulfillment and follow-up.The $175 standard fee for this service is waived for Associate Member publishers. For details about the Advance Access program contact Peter Reynolds at

On the first and third Monday of each month, we email over 1,100 independent booksellers with news of galleys, reading copies, finished books, or other materials that you are offering for review. After receiving a free review copy from you, stores will read and decide whether to order the title and nominate it for the Indie Next List. The Advance Access program has proven to be a very effective way to get the word out about your titles. Stores will email you directly, and you can typically expect requests from 25-50 booksellers. The stores do know that it is first come, first served, but the more booksellers’ requests you can fulfill, the better.

The standard, non-member fee for listing titles in Advance Access is $175 per title. There is no fee for Associate Member publishers and their distribution clients. Members of The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), The Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS), or the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP), may participate at the reduced rate of $100 per title.

Self-published authors are able to participate in Advance Access for the fee of $175 per title, provided that the title will be readily available for booksellers to order from wholesalers. ABA reserves the right to review all titles submitted for Advance Access, and will not include titles with limited availability. Self-published authors, please provide the name(s) of the wholesaler(s) the book is distributed by.

All book descriptions must be sent to Peter Reynolds via email at, with title, author, publisher, ISBN, subject category, publication date, the number of free copies you have to offer, a brief two-or-three sentence description of the title, and an email address to which the booksellers can write to directly request a copy. Please follow the format below to ensure that your submission can be sent in the next Advance Access email. Submissions not following this format will be returned to you for editing.

TITLE XYZ by David Smith, (Publisher, ISBN: 0000000000000, $23.95, hardcover,
September 2019, Mystery/Thriller). A brief description of the title here.
20 galleys/finished books available.

Jacket images are now included with all AA titles. Please include a JPEG file with your submission if possible.

When you hear from the booksellers requesting a copy of your book, we highly recommend that you include a short note with each book sent out, including information on how to order the title for store stock, plus a reminder to consider submitting an Indie Next List nomination to You may also include press material and/or your catalog. We also suggest that you save the email addresses of the booksellers to whom you send books, and after a month’s time, follow-up with a short query for feedback.

SPECIAL FOR ASSOCIATE MEMBER PUBLISHERS! Publisher-exclusive Advance Access emails are available. These offerings must contain a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 titles. There is no fee for this service and the timing of the email will be determined between ABA and the publisher. Jacket images may be included. Please contact Peter Reynolds at for details.


Indie Next List & Kids' Next List

Each month in the Box mailing, all participating stores receive a quantity of the printed Indie Next List fliers printed in four-color. Booksellers provide recommendations for books they have enjoyed reading and look forward to handselling in their stores.These recommendations are collected and tabulated, with the 20 titles receiving the most nominations designated as “Indie Next List Great Reads” and presented with jacket image and a bookseller quote.

An additional 12 titles are selected for the flier to be featured as “Now in Paperback.” These are titles that had been featured as Great Reads as hardcovers and continue to be hand-selling favorites in bookstores. A PDF with jacket image and bookseller quote as well as a shelf-talker for each “Now in Paperback” title is available for download here.

Each quarter in the Kids’ Box mailing, stores receive a quantity of the Kids’ Next List fliers, which is also printed in four-color, but presented in a four-page tabloid format. The “Top Ten” titles appear on the front page with jacket images, and other titles are grouped by age range (ages 4-8, ages 8-12, and teen) for ease in selection by both booksellers and consumers.

Both the adult Indie Next List and the Kids’ Next List are distributed electronically as store-branded e-newsletters with the book “buy” buttons linking back to the stores’ websites. The adult Indie Next List goes out on the first Thursday of each month with its full list of 20 new “Great Reads” titles and 12 “Now in Paperback” titles.The Kids’ quarterly list of 52 titles is divided into two e-newsletter volumes based on on-sale dates and going out roughly six weeks apart on the second, third, or fourth Thursday of the month.

Once a book is chosen for an Indie Next List, the publisher will be asked to consider providing funds to support the printing and distribution of the fliers.

Title Submissions

ABC Best Books Catalog for Young Readers 
The annual ABC Best Books for Young Readers catalog is a popular and effective publication that bookstores and readers rely on receiving each October, in time for holiday buying. Independent bookstores and publishers curate the catalog, and the final collection is comprised of eclectic titles the ABC Group is proud to recommend to young readers all over the country. It is also the most widely distributed children’s book catalog in the industry, with over 200,000 copies in circulation each year. Each April, ABA emails Associate Member publishers who have participated in the previous year’s catalog with information about the upcoming edition, including the rate card and dates and deadlines for submissions. 

ABA Associate Member publishers interested in participating in the ABC Best Books catalog can contact ABC Group Manager Gen de Botton (

Indies Introduce
Indies Introduce is a campaign in which juries of booksellers choose the top debut books and authors of adults and kids’ books for the upcoming season, showcasing independent booksellers’ talent for discovery. ABA emails Associate Member publishers requesting title submissions for adult and/or children’s books twice yearly. (In November for upcoming summer/fall titles and in May for upcoming winter/spring titles.) Due to quantity limitations and at booksellers’ request, ABA limits the number of publishers it solicits, and the number of submissions per publisher. Decisions regarding submissions are subject to ABA's discretion. Two ABA bookseller member juries, one for adult books and one for children’s books, each choose 10 debuts for each seasonal list. If a title is selected for a specific list, the publisher agrees to offer promotional terms for that title to participating stores who will promote the list.

ABA Associate Member publishers interested in participating in Indies Introduce can contact Senior Program Officer Joy Dallanegra-Sanger ( or Jessica Stauffer (


Publishers are crucial sponsors of the ABA Winter Institute and the ABC Children’s Institute. Additionally, there are periodic opportunities to sponsor marketing resources, e.g., bookmarks for “Banned Books Week” bookseller events.

The ABA Winter Institute is a four-day event with area tours, off-site events, full and half-day seminars, and an evening opening reception, followed by three days of guest speakers, education sessions, and author receptions. To better allow each publisher or distributor the ability to focus its resources, all sponsorship components are offered à la carte so that each company may build a custom package tailored to fit its own needs and budget. Locations and sponsorship opportunities may vary from year to year.

The ABC Group’s Children’s Institute is a two-plus day networking and educational event that focuses on children, children’s books, and children’s booksellers. An evening opening reception is followed by two days of guest speakers, special events, education sessions, and author receptions. Locations and sponsorship opportunities may vary from year to year.

For a current institute prospectus or for any other sponsorship questions, contact Matt Zoni at

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