ABA Email Recipient Preferences

    ABA communications cover a wide range of topics and specialties. To help direct our emails to the correct staff member, please tell us exactly who should receive which emails.

    The Main Store Contact will receive all communications for all topics. Additional names and email addresses can be listed for the specific topics listed below. If left blank, the Main Store Contact will be the sole recipient of emails on that topic.

    This contact form does not apply to subscriptions for ABA's weekly e-newsletter Bookselling This Week. To sign up to receive Bookselling This Week every Thursday, please visit this page.

    Please use a "name, email address" format for each individual to receive communications on that topic. Separate multiple names with a semi-colon.

    (e.g. First Name, first@domain.com; Second Name, second@domain.com).

    e.g., Indies First, Indies Introduce, etc.
    e.g. ABFE, sales tax
    [if different than main contact]
    [if different than main store contact]

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