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27 Aug

Delaware Approves Online Reader Privacy Law

On January 1, 2016, a new law will go into effect in Delaware that requires all “book service providers” with online sales exceeding two percent of their gross sales to protect the privacy of customer information.

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27 Aug

Ingram Banned Books Week Promotion Starts Monday

Just in time for this year’s Banned Books Week, the Ingram Content Group is offering an additional discount on a list of 450 banned and challenged titles on ipage®, Ingram’s search and order content platform.

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20 Aug

What the Polls Say About Free Speech in the United States

In his monthly opinion column, ABFE Director Chris Finan looks at troubling results from recent polls on Americans’ understanding of their First Amendment rights as well as their feelings towards censorship.

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25 Jun

Let Snowden Come Home: An Opinion Column

ABFE Director Chris Finan expresses his personal belief that the Espionage Act charges against Edward Snowden should be dropped, allowing him to be tried for stealing government documents or another lesser crime.

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28 May

Senate Struggles to Extend PATRIOT Act

The U.S. Senate is deadlocked over proposed changes in the USA PATRIOT Act. It must pass legislation extending several sections of the law before midnight on Sunday, May 31, or they will expire, forcing the government to shut down surveillance programs that it says it needs to protect the country from terrorism.

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21 May

Senate Vote Due on USA FREEDOM Act

Key sections of the USA PATRIOT Act are set to expire on June 1. The U.S. House has overwhelmingly approved the FREEDOM Act, which extends the expiring sections but includes protections for the privacy of personal information. However, there may not be enough votes to pass this new legislation in the Senate.

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14 May

Call Your Senators Today to Support the USA FREEDOM Act

The House has passed the USA FREEDOM Act, a bill that creates important safeguards for the privacy of personal information of Americans, including their bookstore and library records. A vote in the Senate is expected next week, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is promising to defeat the bill.

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01 May

ABFE Update: New Hope for PATRIOT Act Reform

The American Booksellers for Free Expression is strongly supporting the FREEDOM Act, which would make significant changes to the PATRIOT Act.

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30 Apr

Booksellers Reaffirm Support for Charlie Hebdo

The American Booksellers for Free Expression has joined the National Coalition Against Censorship, the Association of American Publishers, and others in reaffirming their support for Charlie Hebdo. In recent days, prominent American literary figures have criticized the French satirical magazine for cartoons that they believe are anti-Muslim.

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22 Apr

Banned Books Week to Feature YA Titles

The success of Young Adult books has a lot of people celebrating, but it has outraged others. To draw attention to the growing number of challenges to YA titles, the sponsors of Banned Books Week have chosen to make YA books the focus of this year’s celebration.

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