• A Key to Treehouse Living, Elliot Reed
      Tin House Books, 9781947793040, September 11, 2018 (Fiction)

      “I highly recommend Elliot Reed’s outstanding debut novel, A Key to Treehouse Living, and look forward to readers meeting young orphan William Tyce, who through his catalog of alphabetized, offbeat dictionary definitions makes sense of the strange world around him.”


      -Caitlin Luce Baker, University Book Store (Seattle, WA)

      “If you’ve ever held one of those red fortune-telling fish in the palm of your hand, the kind that wriggles though thin as a sliced jewel, you’ve come close to the experience of reading A Key to Treehouse Living. This is a novel with its own rules, its own shifting angles of refraction, one that you can only watch with amazement and think: This is alive.”


      -—Vanessa Martini, City Lights Books (San Francisco, CA)

      “Coming to you in brisk glossary entries, the combined effect of A Key to Treehouse Living builds as a river—a surprising force of earnestness and wisdom.”


      -Adlai Yeomans, White Whale Bookstore (Pittsburgh, PA)

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