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  • Cape May, Chip Cheek
    Celadon Books, 9781250297150, April 30, 2019 (Fiction)


    “Cape May is a place (and state of mind) where the awakening of a young newlywed couple on their honeymoon transforms and shapes the rest of their lives. Chip Cheek has created luscious, realistic relationships and an excellent sense of place, and the pace and language are spot on. This is a timeless read that captures the time period perfectly, with characters you won’t soon forget.”

    Julie Slavinsky, Warwick’s (La Jolla, CA)


    Cape May is a moving exploration of the limits and realities of marriage, morality, and what constitutes a family. It’s also refreshing to have eroticism on the page in a realistic way...not gratuitous or over-the-top. We get in too deep, sometimes, and Cheek treats his characters with empathy; he knows the human heart and desire. Well done.”

    Sarah Bagby, Watermark Books & Cafe (Wichita, KS)


    “We meet just-wed high-school sweethearts Henry and Effie in 1957 as they embark to the beach town of Cape May, New Jersey, for their honeymoon, knowing little of the world beyond the Georgia farms and fields where they were raised. And when they are befriended by a clutch of worldly dilletantes, Henry and Effie come to realize just how little they know about each other. Chip Cheek’s impressive debut vividly captures an end of innocence and the awakening of desires that will indelibly mar the way that Henry and Effie see themselves and their marriage. With poignant, descriptive writing, Cheek beautifully evokes the restless idealism of youth and the swift corruption of a young couple’s dreams for their idyllic future.”

    Lori Feathers, Interabang Books (Dallas, TX)

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