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  • Endpapers, Jennifer Savran Kelly
    Algonquin Books, 9781643751849, February 7, 2023 (Fiction)

    “Melding a post-9/11 genderqueer artist’s coming-of-age story with a historical mystery of forbidden romance, Endpapers is an intimate, raw, and profoundly messy quest for authenticity, belonging, and empowerment.”

    - Alyssa Raymond, Copper Dog Books, Beverly, MA


    “I inhaled this book! The mystery of the endpaper drew me in, and I quickly came to care for Dawn and Gertrude — their individual stories and paths in life. The book explores gender identity in such a compelling manner, at times heartbreaking and terrifying. The detailed descriptions of the graffiti and process of bookbinding fascinated me and not only set the scene, but also became an integral part of the novel.”

    - Sara Rishforth, Roundabout Books, Bend, OR



    “An intriguing look at a genderqueer bookbinder in the present who discovers clues to someone like her in the past. As she follows a trail of documents to discover this counterpart, still alive, and gets to know her and her early circumstances, the main character comes to more comfortable terms with her evolving identity.”

    - Tanya Mills, The Book Bungalow, St. George, UT


    “I am drawn to both books about books and books about the art world, so I was immediately intrigued by Endpapers, but the fully realized and flawed characters are what made me fall into its pages. I was enthralled by the parallel stories of queerness, and like Dawn, I wanted to learn everything I could about the mysterious love letter she finds hidden in the binding of a book.”

    - Laura Kendall, Second Flight Books, Lafayette, IN


    “I was enchanted by the unfolding of Endpapers. Following a genderqueer bookbinder in 2003 New York City, Endpapers is about finding yourself among the chaos. When Dawn finds a mysterious queer love letter, her world opens, leaving her to question her relationships, gender, and the ways the world treats queerness. Savran Kelly’s writing is authentic and unique, luring readers into a world where everyone’s story is necessary to tell. Endpapers is a quick-paced novel that will stay with you long after you finish.”

    - Nikita Imafidon, Raven Book Store, Lawrence, KS


    “Dawn, a genderqueer bookbinder working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, discovers a secret love letter bound in the endpapers of one of the books she’s repairing. Intrigued to the point of obsession, Dawn decides to find the letter writer. Her quest is a desperate distraction from her artist’s block and her floundering relationship, but it’s a catalyst for growth, too. Dawn is not a poster child for the queer community of the early aughts. Instead, she felt uncomfortably real. I texted my partner about her frustrating choices. I wanted to call her up and tell her to be a better friend and give her advice she’d probably ignore. The mystery in Endpapers drew me in, but Dawn’s authenticity compelled me to stay.”

    - Emerson Perper, Curious Iguana, Frederick, MD

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