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  • Every Drop is a Man's Nightmare, Megan Kamalei Kakimoto
    Bloomsbury, 9781639731169, August 29, 2023 (Fiction)

    “Overflowing with female sexuality and Hawaiian mythology, Every Drop is a Man’s Nightmare punches out one fearless story after the next. Kakimoto gives us a raw, intense Hawai'i, one that exists far from the touristy, colonized romanticism often promoted.”

    —Beth Shapiro, Skylark Bookshop, Columbia, MO

    Every Drop is a Man’s Nightmare is a wholly immersive collection of short stories — the smell of the ocean and plumeria, with an undercurrent of loneliness and anger, lingers in the air. Cut away the colonialist, haole lens, and embrace the haunting brutality and beauty of contemporary Hawaiian life; this is for the Kanaka Maoli and the hapas. I especially loved how much Pidgin and Hawaiian were in the stories, and how superstitions and mythology were woven throughout. Reading this felt like coming home. For fans of Sabrina & Corina, Milk Blood Heat, and Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls, Megan Kamalei Kakimoto is a searing and bold new voice. I will be recommending this collection to everyone!”

    —Christine Bollow, Loyalty Bookstores, Washington, DC

    “An entirely original book of stories that explore the lives of Indigenous, mixed race people in Hawai'i. Raw, real, and often mystical, each story is firmly rooted in a place and a people.”


    —Alana Haley, Schuler’s Books, Grand Rapids, MI

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