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  • Goddess in the Machine, Lora Beth Johnson
    Razorbill, 9781984835925, June 30, 2020 (Young Adult)

    “Wow! Lora Beth Johnson takes the literal ‘deus ex machina’ and turns it on its freaking head. Several times! Andra wakes up from cryo-sleep 1000 years too late to help her family, but just in time to help Zhade the exiled. He wants to grab ‘Goddess 3’ and return home the hero. But Andra isn't here to live up to someone else's expectations. And she is not the Goddess you were looking for.”

    Kathy Burnette, The Brain Lair (South Bend, IN)

    “Whew! What a wild ride Goddess in the Machine is. From the very beginning, Andra’s struggle to orient herself after waking up from cryo-sleep and finding herself on a brand-new planet is felt acutely. But that’s nothing compared to her shock at waking up 1,000 years after she is supposed to.... and learning that the people of this planet think she’s a goddess. With the help of a man (jerk) named Zhade, she journeys to a domed city to try to figure out what exactly happened while she was asleep. Meanwhile, she must keep her goddess facade up so the ruler of the city and all its citizens don’t do to her what they did to the last two goddesses who awoke. Goddess in the Machine is a truly original story that features some incredible twists that I never saw coming. I’m a fantasy lover at heart, but this sci-fi gem has definitely won a place on my shelf.”

    Emily Hall Schroen, Main Street Books (St. Charles, MO)

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