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Middle Grade

  • Manu, Kelly Fernández
    Graphix, 9781338264197 / 9781338264180, October 19, 2021 (Middle Grade)

    “This adorable, vibrant, and fantastical graphic novel perfectly captures the power and magic of friendship. Despite her best intentions, Manu somehow manages to get into trouble a lot. Her magical powers are too much to handle, until one day, they disappear. Their friendship is strong, but are Manu and Josephina powerful enough to make things right?”

    Cat Chapman, The Oxford Exchange, Tampa, FL

    “Manu is an unruly, exuberant, fun-loving witch in a magical school surrounded by other girls who are having a really hard time with her out-of-control magic. When Josefina, Manu’s best friend who has an (almost) endless supply of patience, finally loses it and wishes Manu’s magic would just go away, it does!  Things go drastically wrong when Manu and Josefina try to get her magic back (of course), and the two girls must figure out how to rein it in without losing it all.”

    René Kirkpatrick, University Book Store, Seattle, WA


    “Kelly Fernández's debut middle grade graphic novel is a funny, friendship-filled adventure set at a convent/magic school in the Dominican Republic. Manu, Josefina, and their classmates will be a treat for all kids but especially for Latinx kids who may have dreamed about a magic school whose classmates looked like them. Manu's magic is mostly just being herself.”

    Brein Lopez, Children’s Book World, Los Angeles, CA

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