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  • Shut Up, This Is Serious, Carolina Ixta
    Quill Tree Books, 9780063287860, January 9, 2024 (Young Adult)

    "A stunning debut novel that explores family (both biological and chosen), racism and the idea of what a young girl presents to the world as opposed to what she offers the world. Carolina Ixta has written a book that I wish I could have read when I was 18 years old. This book shook me to the core."

    —Teresa Steele, Old Firehouse Books, Fort Collins, CO

    “Growing up is difficult enough without having your dad leave, and your mom inconsolable while your older sister does her best to step up and look after you. And Belén is not the only one dealing with heavy things like her depression and apathy. Her best friend Leti is pregnant and terrified of telling her overbearing (and very racist) parents about the baby’s father. When everything feels like a dead-end, Belén finally realizes: it’s by going through the pain and confronting it that she will find what she needs to thrive. Belén’s desire for acceptance, longing for joy, and finding pride within had me reminiscing back to my own coming-of-age era. This book broke me and put me back together in the best of ways. I want to lean my forehead against Belén’s and feel the empathy flow between us. I love her like I love my younger self — flaws and amazingness all together. Our futures were and are bright.”

    —Erin Rivera, The Frugal Frigate, Redlands, CA

    “I loved this thoughtful and impactful coming-of-age story! The book is anchored by Belén and Leti’s friendship, and the girls face problems with family, school, and growing up. A powerful debut!”

    —Ann Branson, Beach Books, Seaside, OR

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