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Middle Grade

  • Speechless, Adam Schmitt
    Candlewick Press, 9781536200928, November 6, 2018 (Middle Grade)

    “This book surprised me and blew me away. It tackles a difficult subject—death and, specifically, the entire confusing and emotional pageant that is a funeral—with honesty and authentic humor. This book may, at face value, appear to be a topical book for kids experiencing funerals or deaths in the family, but it explores universal emotions and very real family relationships that we can all relate to.”

    Nicole Yasinsky, Novel. (Memphis, TN)

    “As 13-year-old Jimmy struggles with the death of his cousin Patrick and tries to navigate attending his first wake, his mom drops a bomb on him: he will be giving the eulogy at the funeral. Jimmy truly understands the phrase, ‘You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family.’ Desperately trying to think of something nice to say about Patrick, all he can come up with are memories of everything Patrick ruined. But when Jimmy finally has some space to breathe, he discovers that all anyone truly wants is to be heard. This is a heartbreaking and relatable story of empathy and understanding.”


    Nancy Baenen, Arcadia Books (Spring Green, WI)

    “Finding the good in the bad is the hardest part of life! Remembering that every experience teaches us something is a good life lesson. Speechless shows the reader that even the worst situations can teach us something about ourselves and the world around us.”


    Allison Barton, The Children’s Book Garden (Berlin, MD)

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