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Middle Grade

  • The Search for Sasquatch (A Wild Thing Book), Laura Krantz
    Abrams Books for Young Readers, 9781419758188, October 11, 2022 (Middle Grade)

    "Presented with great illustrations, digestible science-based breakdowns, and — of course — spooky stories, this page-turner is bound to be a hit with any young nature lover, science fan, and adventurous reader you know. One small book for Bigfoot, one giant plea for being kind — to all of nature and its wonders.”

    - Ernio Hernandez, River Bend Bookshop, Glastonbury, CT

    “Welcome kids, to the wonderful world of cryptozoology! Is the Sasquatch real? Read this book to find out! Not only will any reader delight in Sasquatch facts, they will learn how to ask the right questions when searching for the truth like a real scientist. This will definitely excite and inspire a new wave of kids to ask questions about the world around them.”

    Revati Kilaparti, Old Firehouse Books, Fort Collins, CO

    “ ‘Bigfoot might not be out there, but it’s worth exploring the world a little bit to find out.’ Laura Krantz’s exploration of the science around Bigfoot — is he real? What proof is there? And why do we search for him? — is a charming nonfiction debut that celebrates the belief in the wild and the pursuit of science. Give this to your Sasquatch-hunting seven-year-old, your nine-year-old obsessed with nature experiments, and your local teacher looking for a creative way to teach scientific theory. Pair with Melissa Savage’s books for a perfect myth-and-science reading set!”

    - Nicole Brinkley, Oblong Books, Rhinebeck, NY


    “After learning that an old family member was both an anthropology professor and collector of Bigfoot evidence, author Krantz dives right into the woods with several sasquatch seekers on a straightforward and scientific mission: Is there something to the Bigfoot phenomenon? From modern research methods to revisiting ancient stories of the elusive species, The Search for Sasquatch is a fantastic guide for young readers curious about cryptids, exploring how part of the fascination and passion for them comes from chasing both the possibilities and the unknown.”



    Andrew King, Secret Garden Bookshop, Seattle, WA

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