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11 Jul

Best Books Not to Make the July/August 76

Again, some gems with passionate recommendations that I thought some of you would like to consider for stock.


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03 Jul

Wanting to Be Paperback Writers … and Publishers

Paperback originals -- they are prominent on the Book Sense Bestseller and 76 lists, on the pages of distinguished book reviews, most certainly in shoppers’ hands, and in the beach bags and suitcases of those planning their summer reading. Have they always been there, or are we seeing a burgeoning new sales and marketing idea? Some of the major publishers of these paperback originals discussed with BTW what types of authors are appropriate for this format and why.

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02 Jul

Mosley's Bad Boy Brawly Brown Latest USA Today Book Club Selection

The USA Today book club has chosen Walter Mosley’s Bad Boy Brawly Brown as its latest selection. The newspaper announced its third choice -- and the first cloth title -- in its July 2 edition.

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27 Jun

Announcing: The First Book Sense Category Bestseller List: Cookbooks

Based on the last four weeks of sales from over 300 independent bookstores across America.

Next week: Business Books

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20 Jun

Teen Summer Reads 76

Oates was a runaway #1 pick.

The Summer Teen pad is going to press and will be in the July box, but a PDF will be posted at soon, in the event you’d like to print and photocopy some sooner.

P.S. The Mystery 76 Top Ten is mailing now, and the top five will be featured in a USA Today snapshot on Wednesday, July 3!


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20 Jun

Barry Trotter Done Gone: Parody and Free Speech Discussed at ALA

Author Michael Gerber is not afraid of being sued over the publication of his new book, Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody. He is a first-time author who is still working a day job to make ends meet. "The worst thing that could happen to me is my cats would be jointly owned by Warner Brothers and Scholastic," Gerber said during a program at the American Library Association convention in Atlanta on Monday.

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13 Jun

More Great Children's Books

Titles Not Selected for the Children’s Book Sense 76, But Still Worthy of Attention

This is strictly if you are interested in discovering a sleeper or two that might turn into a nice stock item or handsell. I just can’t bear to let these passionate recommendations go unrecognized in some fashion. Enjoy.


Arranged in age sequence:

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13 Jun

Good Morning America Asks Book Clubs to 'Read This!'

Pulpwood Queens recommend Ann Packer’s The Dive from Clausen’s Pier

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10 Jun

Wyoming School Book Ban Controversy May Signal a Change in District Policy

On April 25, Wyoming's Teton County Board of Education (TCBE) voted 4-2 to ban Julius Lester’s When Dad Killed Mom (Silver Whistle) from the Jackson Hole Middle School (JHMS) library. However, after much attention from local media and the book’s author, district policy is being "reviewed and re-written so that incidents like this will not happen again," Board member Zia Yasrobie told BTW via e-mail.

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06 Jun

SEBA Announces Book Award Winners

The Southeast Booksellers Association (SEBA) recently announced the winners of the SEBA Book Awards. The winners of the 2002 awards will be honored at the "Rep Appreciation, Book Awards, and More Celebration" at Books & Books in Coral Gables, Florida on Thursday, September 19. The Awards are given to recognize the year's best books either by a Southern author or set in the South.

This year’s winners are:

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04 Jun

MPBA Regional Book Award Winners Announced

The Mountains & Plains Booksellers Association (MPBA) has announced the winners of the association's 2002 Regional Book Awards, which are presented annually "to honor outstanding books set in our region that were published in the prior year."

The 2002 Regional Book Award winners are:

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04 Jun

When Is a Literary Debut Not a Debut?

With its enthusiastic jacket endorsement from Jonathan Franzen ("Alive with intelligence, comedy, and inside dope ... sure-handedly captures the uncertainties of our times") and its choice as a Book-of-the-Month Club selection, Mark Costello's Big If (Norton) would seem to be the promising debut of a terrific new American writer.

But, as it happens, Big If is in fact the second novel by Mark Costello -- though only the first to bear his name.

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23 May

Free Speech Advocate Opens the Book on Alfred E. Smith

By 1936, two New Yorkers were touted as the greatest political leaders of the century -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Alfred Emanuel Smith Jr. While every American can recall some accomplishments of FDR, only those who lived through the 1920s and 1930s will likely even remember who Smith was.

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