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06 Jan

Sales Tax Victory in Illinois!

On January 6, the Illinois House of Representatives passed HB3659, legislation that contains a sales tax fairness provision. The bill, which was approved by the state Senate on Wednesday, January 5, will require remote retailers with online affiliates in the state acting as sales agents to collect and remit sales tax for purchases made by Illinois residents.

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06 Jan

Illinois E-Fairness Provision Passes State Senate, Moves to House

**Breaking News: As of press time, Bookselling This Week had learned that the Illinois House of Representatives passed HB3659. The legislation now goes to the Governor Quinn's office for his signature. The following article was written prior to the House vote.**

This week, in Illinois, legislation containing a sales tax fairness provision was introduced and was quickly – and overwhelmingly – passed by the state Senate on Wednesday, January 5. The bill, HB3659, moved to the House where it could be voted on as soon as today.

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15 Dec

Calls for Sales Tax Fairness Dominate Holiday Headlines

While just a few years ago media reports usually emphasized the uniqueness of online – and very often sales-tax-free – shopping, this year’s articles have a decidedly different tenor: A much greater percentage are pointing out the incongruities and inequities inherent in the failure to collect mandated sales tax.

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10 Nov

New York State: Court’s Sales Tax Ruling a “Major Victory” for Main Street

The New York State Department of Taxation is hailing an appeals court’s recent decision that the state’s affiliate nexus law is, in fact, constitutional as a “major victory.”

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04 Nov

NY Court: State’s Sales Tax Fairness Law Is Constitutional

The New York State appellate court has dismissed and Overstock’s claims substantively challenging the constitutionality of New York State’s sales tax fairness law. The decision represents a significant victory for proponents of sales tax equity.

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04 Nov

Amazon Cases in NC and TX Put Spotlight on Sales Tax Fairness

Following a recent federal court decision and steps taken by the Texas Department of Revenue to collect sales tax that it contends is due from, a number of editorials have been published decrying Amazon’s refusal to collect sales tax.

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28 Oct

Judge Rules North Carolina Must Narrow Amazon Data Request

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington ruled this week that would not have to comply with the North Carolina Department of Revenue’s request for data revealing the identities of North Carolina customers and “detailed records of their purchases, including the expressive content.”

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28 Oct

ABA Goes to New Hampshire in Support of E-Fairness

In mid-October, three booksellers and a representative from ABA met in Concord, New Hampshire, with the legislative director for Congressman Paul Hodes (D-NH) to express their support for the federal solution to online sales tax fairness, the Main Street Fairness Act.

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22 Oct

State of Texas Assesses Amazon for $269 Million in Uncollected Sales Tax

The State of Texas has issued an assessment charging that owes the state some $269 million in uncollected sales tax, including interest and penalties, for the period from December 2005 to December 2009. reported the assessment in its September 30 quarterly filing with the SEC.

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06 Oct

Decision to Drop E-Fairness Provision From State Budget Draws Ire of Retailers

As California lawmakers and Governor Schwarzenegger haggled over a final state budget, one apparent casualty of the negotiation process was sales tax fairness. Despite the need to close a $19.1 billion budget gap, state Republicans insisted that the sales tax provision be removed, arguing that they would only agree on a "no-new-taxes budget."

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05 Oct

Chicago Booksellers Testify at Sales Tax Fairness Hearing

On Wednesday, September 29, three Illinois booksellers testified on behalf of sales tax fairness legislation.

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22 Sep

Sales Tax Fairness Fight Heats Up in California

As budget talks heated up in California this week, ABA, NCIBA, and SCIBA urged their members in the state to call Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office to express support for sales tax fairness.

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09 Sep

Support Urged for Main Street Fairness Act

ABA has sent an e-mail urging its bookstore members nationwide to write to both their U.S. representatives and senators in support of the Main Street Fairness Act.

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02 Sep

Online Petition Supporting Main Street Fairness Act Launched

The Federal Tax Authority, a private company working to launch a service to assist online sellers in collecting and remitting local and state sales tax, has created, an online petition that consumers and retailers can sign in support of the Main Street Fairness Act.

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26 Aug

Op-Ed Supporting California Sales Tax Fairness Provision Now Available

ABA, NCIBA, and SCIBA have made available an op-ed in support of an e-fairness provision in California's proposed budget.

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