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Now that work has begun to upgrade IndieCommerce sites from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, I wanted to check with all owners and managers to be certain that you are receiving our upgrade news. I recognize that many of you have staff to handle your web operations, but because the upgrade may be a disruption – will be a disruption– we think it crucial that all decision makers be in the information loop.


After auditing the active order queues of a number of IndieCommerce stores, we noticed a couple of common errors.  In order to keep a neat and tidy order queue, here are some helpful tips and reminders for everyone:


For the next few months the IndieCommunications Newsletter will be primarily devoted to news and information about the upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.  To be certain the upgrade emails aren't missed, the subject line for each will begin with IndieCommerce Upgrade, with the issue number noted, so you can keep track of all the notices.


As we begin new phases of development for Drupal 7, our team has encountered the need to temporarily disable the use of some features.  These services will be restored after your store has migrated to the new platform.


As indicated in BTW, we have a number of important updates to review this month.  As we progress through our upgrade, it becomes increasingly important that our members are informed of new action items and changes to the interface.


Just in time for the tail end of the holiday season, our team has negotiated a special  rate for using PayPal.
Our new PayPal representative, Curtis Keierleber, has generously offered all IndieCommerce stores a new low rate of 1.9% of sale, and 30 cents per transaction.

'Tis the season for more website orders! Are you completing them correctly?

This month, we will review how to process orders and will include best practices to maximize efficiency online.


Many IndieCommerce users have expressed a desire to add digital audio to their store's product lineup. In response, the IndieCommerce team at ABA has been looking for a potential digital audio partner whose product will integrate well with our Drupal installation.


Learn more about our system upgrade, new partnerships, and a recap of our IndieCommerce Institute.


Welcome to our new monthly newsletter, IndieCommunication!
In order to keep our membership better informed, we will be curating a collection of everything you need to know in a given month.

In addition to our breaking news, we will provide how-tos on past or new features, the inside scoop on exciting promotions, as well as happenings around eCommerce in general.


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