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08 Mar
Tove Danovich, author of the memoir "Under the Henfluence"

An Indies Introduce Q&A with Tove Danovich

"Possibly the most entertaining nonfiction I’ve read in years. I guarantee a smile and/or an egg & chicken pun in every chapter,” said Tanya Mills of The Book Bungalow in St. George, Utah.

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01 Mar
Cecile Pin, author of the novel "Wandering Souls"

An Indies Introduce Q&A with Cecile Pin

"A compact and powerful novel about a family torn apart by immigration...It’s a story of survival, family, ghosts, and love,” said Sara Rishforth of Roundabout Books in Bend, Oregon.

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01 Mar
María José Fitzgerald, author of Turtles of the Midnight Moon

An Indies Introduce Q&A with María José Fitzgerald

"A delightful middle grade eco-mystery that brings two girls from different backgrounds together as they try to stop poachers from stealing turtle eggs,” said Earl Dizon of Green Bean Books in Portland, Oregon.

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15 Feb
Dan Nott, author of the novel "Hidden Systems"

An Indies Introduce Q&A with Dan Nott

"Dan Nott takes one of the most innocuous and seemingly boring subjects — infrastructure — and demonstrates just how fascinating and vital it can be,” said Justin Colussy-Estes of Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, Georgia.

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15 Feb
Jade Adia, author of the novel "There Goes the Neighborhood"

An Indies Introduce Q&A with Jade Adia

"Fun yet insightful, like if Scooby Doo and the gang had to solve a mystery in a neighborhood dealing with gentrification,” said Earl Dizon of Green Bean Books in Portland, Oregon.

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08 Feb
Nazlı Koca, author of "The Applicant"

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Nazlı Koca

“Reading The Applicant is like reading the journal of your most interesting friend,” said Emerson Perper of Curious Iguana in Frederick, Maryland.

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01 Feb
Jennifer Savran Kelly, author of "Endpapers"

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Jennifer Savran Kelly

"Savran Kelly’s writing is authentic and unique, luring readers into a world where everyone’s story is necessary to tell. Endpapers is a quick-paced novel that will stay with you long after you finish,” said Nikita Imafidon of Raven Book Store in Lawrence, Kansas.

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01 Feb
Beth Lincoln, author of "The Swifts"

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Beth Lincoln

"Its deep affection for language and irreverent-yet-loving-approach to its characters endears, while its deliciously suspenseful murder mystery storytline make it perfect for a classroom read-aloud with interactive student sleuthing,” said Emily Autenrieth of A Seat at the Table Books in Elk Grove, California.

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25 Jan
Miya T. Beck, author of "The Pearl Hunter"

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Miya T. Beck

"A captivating adventure with a beautiful historical and mythical backdrop,” said Gabriella Crivilare of Prairie Fox Books in Ottawa, Illinois.

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25 Jan
Dizz Tate, author of "Brutes"

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Dizz Tate

"An enthralling, kaleidoscopic, and bold vision of girlhood unlike anything I’ve read before,” said Alyssa Raymond of Copper Dog Books in Beverley, Massachusetts.

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11 Jan
Krystal Marquis, author of The Davenports

A Q&A with Krystal Marquis, Indies Introduce Author of the January/February Kids’ Indie Next List Top Pick “The Davenports”

“Prepare to be captivated, entranced, and inspired by these four memorable young women,” said Kaliisha Cole of Whitelam Books in Reading, Massachusetts.

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14 Dec
Kashana Cauley, author of The Survivalists

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Kashana Cauley

“As I read The Survivalists, I felt like I was transported from a grounded reality into a world bordering on the absurd,” said Laura Kendall of Second Flight Books in Lafayette, Indiana.

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07 Dec
Tom Crewe, author of The Night Life

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Tom Crewe

“Tom Crewe’s debut is a dazzling character study in what it means to want a bigger life, and to pursue a life outside the perimeter of what the world has set before you,” said Camden Avery of The Booksmith in San Francisco, California.

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02 Nov
Jas Hammonds, an Indies Introduce Author of November/December Kids' Indie Next List Top Pick "We Deserve Monuments"

A Q&A with Jas Hammonds, Indies Introduce Author of the November/December Kids’ Indie Next List Top Pick “We Deserve Monuments”

We Deserve Monuments is an absolute stunner. An intergenerational mystery, a tribute to first love, and one of the best YA books I’ve read in the last decade,” said Nicole Brinkley of Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, New York.

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12 Oct
Rhiannon Wilde, author of Henry Hamlet’s Heart

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Rhiannon Wilde

“Full of humor, sincerity, and excellent musical references, this is one of my new favorite coming-of-age stories,” said Melissa Taylor of E. Shaver, Bookseller in Savannah, Georgia.

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