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10 Aug

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Caroline Brooks DuBois

The Places We Sleep is a beautiful and moving novel in verse about a girl navigating her way toward adolescence in the midst of a national tragedy,” said Chelsea Bauer of Union Avenue Books.

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04 Aug

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Ash Van Otterloo

Cattywampus has everything,” says Chelsea Bauer of Union Avenue Books. “Friendship, enemies, a very charming raccoon, magic, ancient family feuds, and zombies.”

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13 Jul
Dan Unmasked by Chris Negron

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Chris Negron

“This stellar, heartwarming, reassuring, layered, childhood-affirming, and brave story will awaken even the most reluctant hero in all readers,” said Drew Durham of Books Inc.

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30 Jun

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Valérie Perrin

Lindsey Bartlett of the former Ellen Plumb’s City Bookstore called Fresh Water for Flowers “a splendid work that will keep readers absorbed to the last page.”

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23 Jun
Nine Shiny Objects by Brian Castleberry

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Brian Castleberry

Brian Castleberry’s debut novel Nine Shiny Objects “is a puzzle worth working out — don’t give up!” said Indies Introduce panelist Kappy Kling of HearthFire Books and Treats.

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10 Jun

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Christina Clancy

As the three siblings in The Second Home “struggle to untangle years of hurt, secrets, and betrayal, you ache for them to save their home and themselves,” said Maxwell Gregory of Lake Forest Book Store.

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03 Jun
The Silence of Bones by June Hur

An Indies Introduce Q&A With June Hur

“I was struck by the depth of this gripping story,” said Tegan Tigani of Queen Anne Book Company about June Hur’s The Silence of Bones. “Let’s hope this is the start of a series.”

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03 Jun
Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Jordan Ifueko

Jackie Jou, formerly of Mysterious Galaxy, called Raybearer “gorgeously written and filled with legends, mystical powers, blood oaths, and curses.”

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27 May
Into the Tall, Tall Grass by Loriel Ryon

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Loriel Ryon

Riley Jay Davis of Next Chapter Booksellers said Ryon’s Into the Tall, Tall Grass has “got it all,” including queer characters, STEM, magic, frenemies, legends, and mysteries.

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19 May

An Indies Introduce Q&A With C Pam Zhang

How Much of These Hills Is Gold is “an unflinching portrait of burgeoning adulthood, solitude, and the search for home,” said Jake Cumsky-Whitlock of Solid State Books.

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12 May

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Ernesto Cisneros

Efrén Divided is “a well-written account of something very topical and I hope that kids get to read it,” said Jackie Jou of Mysterious Galaxy.

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11 Mar
Stand Up, Yumi Chung! book cover

An Indies Introduce Q&A With “Stand Up, Yumi Chung!” Author Jessica Kim

“This book is hilarious, heartbreaking, and heartwarming all at once. And in the end, you will absolutely be standing up and cheering for Yumi Chung!” said Sarah True of Joseph-Beth Booksellers.

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03 Mar

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Jane Healey

“A love story buried within a mystery, The Animals at Lockwood Manor is sure to keep the reader turning pages,” said Cary Shapiro, a bookseller at Plot Twist Bookstore until its recent closing.

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19 Feb

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Mark Rader

The family in Rader’s The Wanting Life “captures the wanting that is life — what could have been, what might still be, the pain of loss,” said Nadine Melahn of CoffeeTree Books.

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11 Feb

An Indies Introduce Q&A With Alexis Schaitkin

Here, author Alexis Schaitkin talks about her early love of atmospheric books, and how that and other life experiences influenced her debut novel, Saint X.

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