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18 Jun
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New Study Demonstrates “Local Advantage” of Indie Hardware Retailers Over Amazon

The recent study Home Sweet Home: Locals vs. Amazon demonstrates the significant economic benefit that supporting independent businesses has on local communities.

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19 Jun

Senate Passes Bill Allowing SBA to Guarantee More Small Business Loans

Earlier this month, the Senate passed a bill that will allow the Small Business Administration (SBA) to raise its cap for 7(a) general business loans by 15 percent.

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01 Jun

ABA Annual Membership Meeting: Indie Booksellers “Stronger Together”

The meeting included an announcement that ABA will invest in a U.S. version of Batch, an electronic invoicing and payment system used by booksellers in the U.K., with an anticipated rollout in early 2019.

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13 Jun
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Seattle Repeals “Head Tax” Following Amazon’s Opposition

Seattle’s city council has voted 7-2 to repeal a measure aimed at collecting tax from the city’s largest businesses, including Amazon and Starbucks, in order to raise funds for housing services.

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16 May

Senate Votes to Restore Net Neutrality

The Senate voted on May 16 to pass a Congressional Review Act resolution that would roll back the Federal Communications Commission’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order.

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16 May
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Amazon Balks at Seattle’s “Head Tax” to Help the Homeless

The tax applies to companies that gross at least $20 million per year and will fund affordable housing and homeless services; since its proposal, Amazon — the city’s largest employer — has resisted the measure.

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25 Apr

“Prime Numbers” Spurs Booksellers to Urge Lawmakers to Level Playing Field

Booksellers are reaching out to lawmakers in response to a recent report that illuminated the repercussions of Amazon’s failure to collect and remit sales tax on its third-party marketplace sales.

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24 Apr

SBA Looks to Streamline Loan Process

The Small Business Administration recently made modifications to its loan programs in an attempt to streamline the process and better facilitate small business lending.

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16 Apr

Booksellers Urged to Get Word Out About Prime Numbers

ABA and Civic Economics have made available a variety of resources to support booksellers’ efforts to promote discussion and take action to ensure that Amazon competes with their stores on a level playing field.

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16 Apr

Free Expression Groups Express Concern Over FOSTA

The “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA) authorizes prosecutors to target websites that host sex trafficking advertisements and creates new civil liability for the sites.

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