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14 Dec

R.J. Julias Experiment

R.J. Julia Booksellers, an independent bookstore in Madison, Connecticut, is branching out--or at least trying out a new offshoot. Owner Roxanne Coady told BTW that the store opened a "big, beautiful, mahogany book kiosk" in New Haven, Connecticut, on December 3.

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07 Dec

A Bookselling Institution Turns 25--And Becomes a Parent!

There was cause for celebration in Arkansas this September as That Bookstore in Blytheville at once reached a milestone and gained a colleague: That Bookstore has become those bookstores. The day owner Mary Gay Shipley held a party to mark That Bookstore in Blytheville's 25th anniversary, her protégé MaryAlice Hurst, new owner of That Bookstore at Mountebanq Place, opened for business in Conway, Arkansas.

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07 Dec

Tattered Cover Case Heard by Colorado Supreme Court

On Wednesday, December 5, the Colorado Supreme Court heard arguments in the Tattered Cover Book Store's appeal to protect the privacy rights of bookstore customers. Law enforcement authorities have tried to obtain the Denver bookstore's records, asserting that they would assist in a case involving the manufacture of methamphetamines.

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07 Dec

New Minnesota Bookstore Combines Books, Music, Maps, and Inuit Art

Jill Johnson, owner of Beagle Books

Beagle Books owner Jill Johnson spent most of her adult career in the medical field, so when she found the 1937 former medical clinic, she felt sure it was the right place to open a bookstore.

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30 Nov

Two Booksmiths--East and West--Celebrate

Two venerable bookstores, unrelated, but with a great deal in common, celebrated
major anniversaries this fall. The Booksmith in San Francisco and the Brookline
Booksmith in the Boston area are both still owned by the people who founded
them 25 and 40 years ago, respectively, and they both are just about the oldest
businesses in their neighborhoods.

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30 Nov

Colorado Supreme Court to Hear Tattered Cover Case

On December 5 at 8:30 a.m., the Colorado Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Tattered Cover Book Store's appeal to protect the privacy rights of bookstore customers.

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30 Nov

Lord of the Rings Display Contest Winners Headed to NYC

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