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23 Nov
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Ingram Content Group Urging Support for Booksellers through Binc’s Year-end Fundraising Campaign

In the first 10 months of 2020, Binc helped more than 600 bookseller/comics retailer families, distributing more than $700,000. Comparatively, in the first 10 months of 2019, 88 grants were given totaling approximately $200,000.

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10 Nov

Binc Announces Online Holiday Gift Guide

Featuring an assortment of gifts, the guide includes items that give back to Binc and therefore support booksellers in need.

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26 Oct

Binc’s Bookseller Stories: “Escaping in the Nick of Time”

The 11th volume of the Book Industry Charitable Foundation’s Bookseller Stories newsletter features a bookseller fleeing from a rapidly advancing wildfire.

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23 Sep

Binc’s Bookseller Stories: “A Bookstore Blooms in Uncertain Times”

The tenth volume of the Book Industry Charitable Foundation’s Bookseller Stories newsletter featured two bookstore owners working hard to keep their sales booming during a COVID-related shutdown.

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14 Sep

Binc Offers Help for Booksellers Affected by Wildfires

The Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation may be able to help owners or employees with personal household expenses related to the wildfires in the western United States. 

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18 Aug

Indie Shindig Invites Booksellers to Learn About Upcoming Titles to Benefit Binc

The Indie Shindig is aiming to raise $15,000 for Binc by hosting weekly events that introduce booksellers to new and upcoming titles. All participating publishers split a donation of $10 per bookseller attendee.

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05 Aug

Binc Expands Staff in Response to Increased Grant Requests

Since the beginning of 2020, Binc has helped 556 families through hardship and emergency circumstances with more than $635,000 in assistance. 

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04 Aug

Book Collection Auction for Binc Begins August 7

Chuck and Dee Robinson, well-known booksellers long active in the industry, are offering a large collection of first-edition titles, advanced reading copies, and book ephemera.

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29 Jun

Binc Announces Seven Winners of 2020 Higher Education Scholarships

Six $3,500 scholarships were awarded to dependents of booksellers, and one $5,000 scholarship went to a current indie bookseller who has overcome learning adversity or is a non‐traditional student.

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12 May

Two More Fundraisers Launch to Benefit Binc

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation will receive funds from an online auction with An Unlikely Story bookstore as well as a trivia game hosted by the Book Industry Study Group.

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06 May

#SaveIndieBookstores Campaign Ends at $1,239,595

“This message of support from book lovers and from every sector of the book industry clearly demonstrates how deeply people value independent bookstores and the roles they hold in their communities,” said Binc Executive Director Pam French.

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29 Apr

#SaveIndieBookstores Fund Hits $956,414

Booksellers are asked to share the donation link now on social media, in their newsletters, or wherever they are reaching customers.

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29 Apr
Save Indie Bookstores

Stephen King and John Grisham to Help #SaveIndieBookstores

On April 29 at 7:00 p.m. ET, the authors will come together in a virtual conversation about their new books and encourage donations to Binc.

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22 Apr

Backlist Picks to Hand-Sell to Benefit #SaveIndieBookstores

As part of the Bookscan Challenge, participating publishers have each identified one backlist title — an enduring hand-sell with a proven track record — for which they will donate 100 percent of the profit to the campaign.

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