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20 Nov

Speaking of Audio: The Author Will Now Read From Her New Book

By Robin Whitten

Author readings are among the most popular bookstore events. It's hard to beat the experience of hearing an author read live, often in the intimate setting of a bookstore. But, reading from the book for 10 - 15 minutes and reading the entire book for an audiobook recording are totally different.

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04 Sep

Speaking of Audio: Can You Identify the 10 Types of Audiobook Listeners? (Or the Titles They'd Like to Read…)

By Robin Whitten

As a bookseller you understand how important it is to know your customers. With audiobook listeners it is no less important, but it's probably harder for many booksellers, who may not be listeners themselves, to get a handle on who the listeners are and where they listen.

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15 Jul

Speaking of Audio: Teens Read, But Can They Also Listen?

By Robin F.Whitten

Teens seem to regard summertime reading in two ways -- as the opportunity to read for pleasure and to choose books freely or as the burden of a required "summer reading list" (which comes complete with nagging parents). Audiobooks can offer solutions for both camps, as well as the family traveling with teenagers on long car trips.

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16 May

Speaking of Audio: Listen Up! Here's the Word on Audio From BEA

By Robin F. Whitten

Publishers did a lot of listening at the pre-BookExpo America (BEA) APAC conference sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association (APA). Six programs with topics ranging from new formats to the Hispanic market to a three-session Audio Publishing 101 filled the day for more than 280 members of the audiobook industry.

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18 Apr

Browsing the Book Biz: E-Commerce Is Not Just for Dummies

Eric Frazier

Because BTW became an exclusively online publication in January, I can safely assume that if you are reading this column, you have Internet access -- or at least, you have a friend or associate with computer access.

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06 Mar

Speaking of Audio: 2002 Grammys Highlight Some of the Year's Best Audiobooks

By Robin Whitten

Awards bring a useful focus to audiobook recommendations, and spring produces a fine crop. On February 27, the Recording Academy’s Grammy Awards were splashed across the entertainment press, soon to be followed by the Academy Awards.

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24 Jan

Speaking of Audio: Selling Unabridged Audio -- The Complete Audiobook

By Robin Whitten

The unabridged audiobook is easy for booksellers to understand: "Audiobooks the way books should be -- complete." Independent booksellers, once slow to embrace audiobooks precisely because titles were abridged, are in many cases welcoming the trend by audio publishers to offer more titles unabridged.

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