Marketing Roundtable Provides New Ideas for Customer Engagement

    During ABA’s most recent virtual roundtable discussion, booksellers talked about creative new ways to engage with their customers, including through text messaging.

    EUREKAsiba Talks Bring TED-Style Event to SIBA Booksellers

    A new event hosted by the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance featured creative talks by booksellers, authors, and industry professionals on topics from social media to branding to goal-setting.

    Trenton, New Jersey, Seeks Independent Bookstore

    The City of Trenton is offering financial incentives for an independent bookstore willing to open a location in a section of the city’s downtown area.

    Online Marketing: Pop-ups Garner New Newsletter Subscribers

    Participants in the most recent ABA online marketing roundtable shared tactics for boosting e-mail newsletter subscribers through effective use of pop-up forms.

    Indie Booksellers in the Mood for Valentine’s Day

    Booksellers took to social media in recent days to share photos of their windows, in-store displays, and reading recommendations for Valentine’s Day.

    Indie Bookstores Celebrate Black History Month

    Throughout February, booksellers are hosting authors, creating displays, and sharing reading recommendations on social media while also reflecting on their role in providing access to diverse voices.

    Wi13: ABA’s Oren Teicher Talks Books With Pamela Paul

    New York Times Book Review editor Pamela Paul shared with ABA CEO Oren Teicher her optimism for the book business, her favorite bookstores on the road, and more.

    “Becoming Ms. Burton” Publisher Encourages Booksellers to Join Prison Distribution Initiative

    The New Press seeks to enlist booksellers to help bring Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women to thousands of incarcerated people across the country.

    Booksellers at Online Marketing Roundtable Share Strategies for Boosting Online Sales

    Bookstores using ABA’s IndieCommerce platform experienced increased online sales this holiday season, with revenues, transactions, and the percent of visitors who placed an order all on the rise.

    Booksellers Set Resolutions for 2018

    Indie booksellers have shared their goals for the New Year — whether big, small, serious, fun, or somewhere in between — to help inspire colleagues to set their own resolutions for the coming year. 

    A Look Back on Last Year’s New York Times Best Books

    As the New York Times Book Review prepares to announce its top picks for 2017, booksellers should keep in mind last year’s list when thinking about backlist favorites to sell this holiday season.

    An Update From PartnerShip on FedEx and UPS Rate Increases

    PartnerShip, an ABA business service affinity partner, has evaluated the new shipping rate charts and created a white paper on the 2018 small package rate increases.

    Regional Bookseller Associations Revamp Holiday Catalogs

    The nine regional bookseller associations have launched new initiatives and improvements for their 2017 holiday catalogs to increase distribution and bookseller participation and provide wider online access.

    Chuck Robinson Celebrates His Big Ride and $20K Raised for Charity

    The founder of Village Books and Paper Dreams biked across the country and raised funds for nonprofits, including $13,000 for the Book Industry Charitable Foundation. 

    Small Press Profile: Quirk Books

    Bookselling This Week’s latest small press profile features Quirk Books, a Philadelphia publisher creating innovative gift books, fiction, and irreverent reference titles for the Comic-Con set.


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