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16 Oct

2002 National Book Award Finalists Announced

On Wednesday, October 16, the National Book Foundation announced the finalists for the 2002 National Book Awards. The awards are presented in four categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Young People's Literature. Among the finalists were four titles previously selected by independent booksellers as Book Sense 76 picks. (See below for the list of finalists.)

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10 Oct

GMA's 'Read This!' Selects The Secret Life of Bees

Book Sense's literary streak of seven straight network morning show picks ended last Monday when The Today Show's book club chose a book that was not a Book Sense 76 title. However, Book Sense's Good Morning America book club streak is still alive -- the morning show's "Read This!" book club has chosen five books since the club began last June, and all five titles have been Book Sense 76 picks.

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07 Oct

Raising Fences Latest Today Show Book Club Selection

On Monday, October 7, NBC News' The Today Show announced that the fourth selection of its monthly "Today's Book Club" is Raising Fences: A Black Man's Love Story, by Michael Datcher (Riverhead Books). Author Terry McMillan, author of Waiting to Exhale, chose this month's selection. Both McMillan and Datcher were guests on the morning show.

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03 Oct

Publisher Ad Kudos, Books to Watch, and an Update on One of Our Mystery 76 Picks

By Carl Lennertz

Publisher Ad Kudos:
We've always kept you posted by e-mail or at about upcoming Book Sense ads and the titles involved. I'm going to run reminders here, and I hope that you'll give these 76 picks an extra look stock -- and display-wise. I'll also try and alert you, when I see them, to national ads that mention Book Sense.

Many, many, many thanks to all the publishers who advertise with us in our ad format, and to those who include us in their own ads!!

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03 Oct

The Book Sense Category Bestseller List: Antiques & Collectibles

Based on the last eight weeks of sales from over 300 independent bookstores across America.

Thanks to all the stores that report, the new expanded electronic reporting options, and the software our team here has built to sort and slice a ton of data according to BISAC categories, this is the latest of many subject category lists to run in BTW each week. These are intended as inventory checking tools for booksellers, alerts to publishers as to what's selling, and lists that the media can run.

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02 Oct

A Sense of Where You Are -- A Talk With Prague's Arthur Phillips on Irony, Writing, and Life After the Book Tour

Arthur Phillip's debut novel Prague was one of the most critically praised works of 2002. A July/August Book Sense 76 pick, it was also a Book Sense national bestseller and an enthusiastic handsell among independent booksellers nationwide.

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26 Sep

Booker Prize Shortlist Makes (Book) Sense

Book Sense's hot streak continues. Remarkably, six Book Sense 76 picks constitute the entire shortlist for the U.K.'s Man Booker Prize for Fiction 2002. This news comes in the wake of the continuing streak of network morning shows featuring Book Sense titles.

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25 Sep

Telling the Truth of Family History in Fiction

Bo Caldwell has written fiction for years, publishing about a dozen short stories in Ploughshares and other literary magazines.

But she's also written an equal amount of nonfiction, in the form of personal essays for the Washington Post's Post Magazine and other publications.

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25 Sep

Announcing the Mystery Autumn 2002 Book Sense 76 Top Ten

The pad is on press now and will be in the October white box mailing. You can also click here for the list in PDF format. Thanks!


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19 Sep

Sleepers (Regional and National) and More

By Carl Lennertz

Reminder: Bring photos of your 76 display to the Regional Shows!

This is so you can have a chance to win a color printer ... AND ... have your photo considered for a portfolio to be shown to publishers over the next year. So, spiff up your display, take a snapshot (or several), and bring it to the ABA booth at each show.

We're up over 350 reporting stores for several weeks now, and another regional list is imminent ... maybe? Hopefully!

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18 Sep

Some Indies Going from Bookstore to Publishing House

Following in a noble tradition, in the past few years, some independent booksellers have begun publishing or writing their own books. These booksellers noted that -- despite experiencing many challenges along the way -- publishing or authoring books has given them a sense of accomplishment and has allowed them to bring to light important books or ideas that otherwise might never have been published.

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18 Sep

Pugilist at Rest

By Daniel Halpern

The bond between a writer and an editor is complex and essential. Daniel Halpern, editorial director of Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins, remembers the writer F.X. Toole, an "unusually unyielding author and friend," whose collection of short stories, Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner, became one of those books that can justify a life in publishing.

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16 Sep

Monica Wood -- A Book Sense Favorite for Her Fiction -- Shares Ideas on the Craft of Writing in Latest Book Sense Pick

Author Monica Wood of Portland, Maine, is a good exemplar of the apt phrase "Those who can, teach."

The "teach" part is demonstrated by the adult education and other workshops in fiction-writing technique that Wood's led for years -- and by her new book, The Pocket Muse: Ideas & Inspirations for Writing (Writer's Digest Books), a September/October Book Sense 76 pick.

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12 Sep

General Book Sense News -- And Exhortations

By Carl Lennertz

BIG!!! -- Bring photos of your 76 display to the Regional Shows!

This is so you can have a chance to win a color printer ... AND ... to have your photo considered for a portfolio to be shown to publishers over the next year.

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