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Bringing Play and Revenue into the Store: Board Games are Back!

Bringing Play and Revenue into the Store: Board Games are Back! (January 23, 2019)
Content related to the education session, Bringing Play and Revenue into the Store: Board Games are Back! at Winter Institute 2019.
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If the thought of playing board games brings up childhood memories of Monopoly and Risk and not much else, you have some catching up to do. Board games are a hot trend and a growing business. And they’ve grown a lot more sophisticated than what you might remember. The popular digital games that have made the leap to board games, the games inspired by viral internet challenges, and the traditional games of your childhood all have something in common: face-to-face social interaction, which is a key component of successful independent bookstores. Come hear from booksellers who have integrated board games and play nights into their sales and events. An independent board game seller joins the panel to discuss the aspects of his business and how booksellers can bring games -- and customers -- into the bookstore.

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Courting the Romance Reader

Courting the Romance Reader (January 25, 2018)
Content related to the education session, Courting the Romance Reader at Winter Institute 2018.

The romance genre has one of the highest shares of fiction sales in the U.S. market at 23 percent (NPD Book 2016). Now is the time to take a closer look at marketing and selling this dynamic genre. In this session, bookseller and publisher panelists will discuss best practices for developing a successful relationship with the romance reader as well as tips for marketing this genre in a general bookstore.

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