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03 Jul

Q&A with Loren Long, Author of July/August Kids’ Indie Next List Top Pick “The Yellow Bus”

“A yellow bus drives children to school each day and finds joy in her purpose. Then, she transports senior citizens from one place to another, finding joy there, too. Loren Long’s picture book is full of detail and wonder that will enthrall readers of all ages,” said Cathy Berner of Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston, Texas.


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26 Jun

A Q&A with Liz Moore, Author of July Indie Next List Top Pick “The God of the Woods”

“Liz Moore is on another level. The God of the Woods is the best kind of twisty story — not everyone is who they say they are, not everyone can be trusted, and everyone has something to hide. A missing person tale unlike any other,” said Sarah Hutton of Village Books in Bellingham, Washington.
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29 May

A Q&A with Morgan Talty, Author of June Indie Next List Top Pick “Fire Exit”

Independent booksellers across the country have chosen Morgan Talty’s Fire Exit (Tin House Books) as their top pick for the June 2024 Indie Next List

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01 May

Q&A with Lindsay Currie, Author of May/June Kids’ Indie Next List Top Pick “The Mystery of Locked Rooms”

“Full of clever puzzles, exciting rooms and adventures, and (of course) a little bit spooky. I love a good ‘kids solve it themselves’ story, and this one had the perfect character trio front and center. This book made me want to be a kid again,” said Jordan Felkey of Three Avenues Bookshop in Chicago, Illinois.


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24 Apr

A Q&A with Kaliane Bradley, Author of May Indie Next List Top Pick “The Ministry of Time”

The Ministry of Time is a rare story that mashes up favorite time-worn tropes — from Star Trek to spy thrillers to Victorian romances — in a crucible of colonialism and the pitfalls of diversity in a near-future London. Oh, and it’s sexy as hell,” said Amanda Qassar of Warwick’s in La Jolla, California.
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27 Mar

A Q&A with Percival Everett, Author of April Indie Next List Top Pick “James”

“Percival Everett, deep into his brilliant career, adds another indelible novel into his vast canon. James reimagines an emblematic — and yes, problematic — American classic and asks about life, history, and our cultural psyche,” said Stephen Sparks of Point Reyes Books in Point Reyes Station, California.
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06 Mar

A Q&A with Michelle Knudsen and Kevin Hawkes, Author and Illustrator of March/April Kids’ Indie Next List Top Pick “Luigi, The Spider Who Wanted to Be a Kitten”

“Luigi may have eight legs instead of four, may prefer webs over snuggling under blankets, and would surely rather eat a bug than play with a toy one. He may be a spider in body, but he’ll always be a kitten at heart. A super sweet, unique pet story,” said Angie Tally of The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines, North Carolina.


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06 Mar

A Q&A with Tommy Orange, Author of March Indie Next List Top Pick “Wandering Stars”

Wandering Stars is an epic tale grounded in truth and elevated by Tommy Orange’s phenomenal storytelling. He brings a gruesome slice of US history to life and gives voice to a generation of Native people who live its legacy,” said Claire Benedict of Bear Pond Books in Montpelier, Vermont.
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24 Jan

A Q&A with Ali Hazelwood, Author of February Indie Next List Top Pick “Bride”

Bride is the great start of a new paranormal world full of werewolves, vampires, and humans,” said Revati Kilaparti of Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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10 Jan

A Q&A with Allison Saft, Author of January/February Kids’ Indie Next List Top Pick “A Fragile Enchantment”

“A tender, romantic tale about living up to your family’s legacy and the crossroads of what’s expected of you and what your heart desires. Saft’s prose is utterly enchanting; you can’t help but melt into her luscious world. You will swoon!” said Joseline Diaz of Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park, California.


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03 Jan

A Q&A with Alex Michaelides, Author of January Indie Next List Top Pick “The Fury”

The Fury is a perfectly paced, charming, devious mystery novel to fall in love with. On a small, private, Greek island, mythology, history, and personal baggage put our small cast to the test. Intense, captivating, and satisfying,” said Becky Doherty of Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs, New York.
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29 Nov

A Q&A with Nita Prose, Author of December Indie Next List Top Pick “The Mystery Guest”

“Molly is back with another entertaining mystery to solve at the Regency Grand Hotel. This time, a famous author is under scrutiny, featuring a pack of rabid fans and a peek into Molly’s past,” said Jenny Stroyeck of The Homer Bookstore in Homer, Alaska.
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01 Nov

A Q&A with Ali Hazelwood, Author of November/December Kids’ Indie Next List Top Pick “Check & Mate”

“Ali Hazelwood’s young adult debut delivers an exciting ride of rediscovery and second chances,” said Kaylie Padgett of Women & Children First in Chicago, Illinois.


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25 Oct

A Q&A with Jesmyn Ward, Author of November Indie Next List Top Pick “Let Us Descend”

“Jesmyn Ward is one of the most important writers of our time. This may be her best to date. Heartbreaking and gorgeous, Annis carries us through her story of loss and brutal enslavement — a story of strength, love, enduring, and finding a way,” said Jeanne Costello of Maria’s Bookshop in Durango, Colorado.

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27 Sep

A Q&A with Melissa Broder, Author of October Indie Next List Top Pick “Death Valley”

“A hike becomes a metaphysical journey straight into the center of grief, featuring literature’s most memorable cactus. Broder delivers us directly to the site of the wound and somehow makes us want to linger,” said Kristen Iskandrian of Thank You Books in Birmingham, Alabama.
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