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29 Oct

Not a Simple Price War -- It's a Fight Over What You Get to Read

By William Petrocelli of Book Passage in San Francisco and Corte Madera, California

What looks like a simple price war between Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart over a handful of bestsellers is symptomatic of a much deeper problem in the book business. The larger fight is really over what you get to read.

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07 Oct

Children's Books That Changed the Way Booksellers See the World

Anita Silvey

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24 Sep

Another Chance to Change the Patriot Act

Chris Finan

By Chris Finan, President of the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression

It never hurts to be lucky.

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23 Sep

Bookseller Essays Debut in The Great Lakes Reader

Last fall, Carl Lennertz, vice president for independent retailing at HarperCollins, put out a call to booksellers and librarians for essays for regional versions of State by State: A Panoramic Portrait of America (edited by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey, Ecco). The Great Lakes Reader, the first of nine planned titles, debuts this October.

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30 Jul

Supreme Court Case Threatens Free Speech

Chris Finan

In this column, Chris Finan, president of the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, explains why booksellers should care about what happens to Robert J. Stevens, a Virginia man who has been convicted of creating videos that contain scenes of dogfighting.

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09 Jul

A Bookseller's Appeal for ABACUS

I bought my bookstores 13 years ago without any business training. I had worked in, and then managed the stores for several years, but apart from that, I was, let's face it, an English major.

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01 Jul

Bookish Travels Down Under

By Meg Smith, ABA Chief Marketing Officer

In 1787, eleven ships left Portsmouth, England, to form a penal colony in Australia. Among the 1,480 men, women, and children and clothing and building supplies carried by the First Fleet was a notable essential for the new life ahead: a printing press. Whatever was to come, the new settlers were prepared to write and read about it.

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18 Jun

An Open Letter to Booksellers From the ABA Board

Dear Fellow Bookseller:

We are writing to you today both as colleagues and as members of the ABA Board of Directors because of our concern that one of ABA's most valuable services has become one of the most threatened.

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20 May

E-Fairness Op-Ed: Internet tax avoidance hurts jobs, public



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14 May

Bill Wasik on Our Viral Culture

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29 Apr

Bookseller's Op-Ed: Poems Bear Witness to the World's Horrors

This column by Lucy Kogler of Talking Leaves Books appeared on the Opinion Page of The Buffalo News on April 29, 2009.

Little did T.S. Eliot know when he wrote the first five words of "The Wasteland" in 1920 -- "April is the cruelest month" -- just how portentous his words were.

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29 Apr

Spotlight on Michael Tucker, Candidate for ABA President

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08 Apr

Paz & Associates Works With E-Commerce Stores to Claim Co-op

On April 1, the American Booksellers Association transferred co-op management for booksellers participating in the ABA E-Commerce Solution to Paz & Associates. Mark Kaufman, who currently serves as co-op administrator for 30 independent booksellers using Paz's newsletter marketing services, is now working with E-commerce stores to claim publishers' co-op monies to help offset the cost of maintaining their websites.

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24 Feb

Remembering John Updike on Books & Bookstores

When John Updike died at the end of January, the book industry lost not only one of its greatest writers, but also a true devotee of independent bookstores. In 2006, at a BookExpo America Book & Author Breakfast filled with more than a thousand industry professionals, Updike paid homage to the most important influences on his development as a writer and reader.

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