Abrams Introduces New Backlist Sales Program for Indies

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Abrams Books logoAbrams Books, publisher of illustrated books, cookbooks, craft books, children’s books, and gift and paper products, has launched a new backlist program that all indie bookstores are invited to take advantage of.

The details of the Abrams backlist offer, including the discounts on offer and promotional codes, are available to ABA member booksellers with a BookWeb username and password in the Book Buyer’s Handbook (e-mail [email protected] for login credentials).

“Abrams realizes how crucial backlist is to the success of independent bookstores,” said Abrams Indie Ambassador Wendy Ceballos. “With that in mind, it is our hope that our new program is accessible in a way that supports all indies!”

The offer applies to all books published before September 1, 2018, including the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series backlist.

Booksellers with questions about the program should contact their local Abrams sales representative or Ceballos