Act Now: Re-Affiliate Missing Kobo Customers

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To ensure that ABA members participating in the Kobo program are sharing in the revenue on every sale of a Kobo eBook, booksellers are encouraged to review their list of Kobo customers and report any missing readers through the Kobo Reporting Tool.

Booksellers who cannot find on their list a customer who they know should be affiliated with the store can report the missing customer by submitting the person’s e-mail address through the Kobo Reporting Tool. ABA will research the submission and report eligible accounts to Kobo for re-affiliation.

Eligible accounts include customers intended to be affiliated with the store but who have failed to be properly affiliated for a variety of reasons.

Accounts submitted up to July 22, 2015, have been re-affiliated. Please note that Kobo is unable to provide a retroactive revenue share.

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