Book Buyer’s Handbook Features Special Publisher Offers and More

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The ABA Book Buyer’s Handbook is chock-full of useful information for member booksellers that comes directly from the publishers themselves.

Users can consult the Handbook for a variety of publisher-provided information, including special offer details, key contacts, ordering and returns policies, details about co-op advertising, and more. As one bookseller put it, “Where else could we look for this information? The publishers’ websites are not always easy to navigate. This is all in one spot.”

A link on the Handbook homepage directs member bookstores to a special section highlighting current offers from a list of publishers, distributors, and wholesalers. Certain publisher deals offered in support of Indies First will continue to run during the holiday season; the Handbook contains links to these offer details and associated promotional codes, and booksellers are encouraged to check them out.

The most recent publisher offer added to the Handbook comes from Macmillan. Starting December 26, 2017, and running through January 15, 2018, Macmillan is offering a generous discount on one post-holiday re-stocking backlist order. Backlist, as it pertains to this offer, is defined as any title published 12 months or more prior to the order date.

As ABA continues its campaign to highlight the importance of backlist titles, booksellers can review publishers’ backlist programs, including Macmillan’s, in the Handbook and evaluate the advantages of backlist offers with ABA’s new Backlist Buying Calculator.

Publishers can submit any special offer terms to ABA Book Data Assistant Alison Larkin, Senior Program Officer Joy Dallanegra-Sanger, or Program and Development Coordinator Jessica Stauffer.

The ABA Book Buyer’s Handbook can be found at or under the Daily Tools heading at the bottom of BookWeb. Publishers, distributors, and wholesalers that are listed in the Handbook can easily access and update their listings by signing in to BookWeb; for a BookWeb login, e-mail [email protected]. Vendors that are interested in being included in the Book Buyer’s Handbook are welcome to fill out a preliminary questionnaire.

Booksellers need to be signed in to to access the Handbook. A username and password are required; e-mail [email protected] for login details.