Fall Health and Wellness Resources for Booksellers

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The American Booksellers Association’s health coverage partner LIG Solutions wants booksellers to stay healthy as we enter the fall months. The following resources are meant to help expand your health and wellness awareness.

Healthy living, healthy eating, and mental health tips for the upcoming season that could help keep costs down when paired with the benefits of your coverage plan.

Introducing the LIG Solutions Rx Pharmacy Program, which offers set medication prices for acute, immediate, and chronic needs. The SaveOnDiabetes program offers exclusive insulin pricing, free glucose meters, licensed pharmacist coaching, and more!

Business owners, there are alternative options to your typical group coverage when it comes to selecting a health plan for your employees. HRAs are an affordable new solution to consider.

Scams in the health insurance industry have increased in the previous years, protect yourself and your data! LIG has outlined the top things to be aware of when giving out your personal information.

While the world is transitioning again to in-person events, there are ways to make the adjustment smoother. Check out the list of ways to be ready.

Here is your reminder to schedule your annual physical/kids sports physicals! It is recommended to see your medical provider at least once a year to maintain or improve your health habits.

LIG Solutions can help booksellers review their health coverage options. Contact the team at LIG today. For more information about ABA’s partnership with LIG Solutions, see these frequently asked questions.