Kobo News & Updates: App Kits & More

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App Kits on the Way

Kobo has designed a way to provide stores with dedicated tracking links for downloads of the Kobo Reading App, so customers who read eBooks on devices other than eReaders can purchase books through smartphones, computers, and tablets and have them credited to the store.

The App Kit includes a poster and shelf-talker that promote the Kobo Reading App to customers. Kobo is shipping the printed materials directly to stores via UPS, beginning November 14. In addition, online banners, training materials, product images, as well as design files for a poster and shelf-talker, are in the Kobo section of Designs and Downloads, under the “Kobo App Kit” heading.

The Kobo App Kit materials promote a dedicated landing page, www.kobo.com/indieapp*, where customers can input a zip code and affiliate with a local bookstore. It’s expected that the link will go live as early as next week. Banners and other designs promoting the app should not be posted until then.

For a complete overview of the Kobo App Kit, review the “ABA Partner App Download Flow” PDF in the Kobo section of Designs and Downloads. Stores are directed to the “Constructing Kobo App Links” PDF in Designs and Downloads to update their landing pages to ensure that all customer app downloads are being linked to the store.

Counter Display Refresh Kit

Stores that are using the Kobo counter display will also be receiving a “refresh kit” along with the App Kit. Both kits will be shipping from Kobo beginning November 14.

The refresh materials will create a new generic display, with stickers to cover out-of-date content and new interchangeable takeaway cards that promote new and existing Kobo devices. Updates to the display include:

  • Inclusion of the Kobo Content Message to encourage customers to support their local book store.
  • Inclusion of the Kobo App Message to encourage customers to try eReading while supporting their local book store with the Kobo App.

A list of materials in the refresh kit is available here. For issues relating to Kobo demo devices or displays, e-mail [email protected].

Missing Header Update

Kobo technical support has worked with IndieCommerce staff to come up with a fix for stores whose logos may only be appearing intermittently since the migration to the new Kobo OneStore.  Learn more.

Featured eBook Promotion

In anticipation of the summer release of Jennifer Paige’s Dorothy Must Die, Harper Collins has released an exclusive eBook novella. Learn more.

And Don’t Forget…

Special launch terms on the Kobo Aura, the Kobo Aura HD, the Kobo Arc 7, and the Kobo Arc 7HD are available to ABA member program participants who order the devices from Ingram between October 1 and November 30, 2013. Launch term details and requirements are available here.

The Kobo section of BookWeb’s Designs and Downloads features charts to help ABA members understand all of the features of the new devices. Stores can also create an account at DiscoverKobo.com for access to training materials.

Stores purchasing 12 or more units of a new device are eligible for a free demo unit; those purchasing fewer than 12 devices can purchase a demo unit through Ingram. Demo details are available here.