National Conversation Continues Around #BoxedOut Campaign and Indie Bookstores

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Don't let indie bookstores become a work of fiction
Seminary Coop

Since its launch on Tuesday, October 13, the American Booksellers Association’s national #BoxedOut campaign has reached millions of people and continues to be shared across all types of media.

Designed to create a national conversation in the media about independent bookstores, the campaign has hit 112 million views and 2.8 million shares on social media; received mention in more than 100 articles in national and local publications; was discussed on three podcasts and SiriusXM radio; was featured on CNN; and is set to appear in upcoming ads on BookForum and LitHub as well as in some TV spots later this week.

National coverage of the campaign ran in the New York Times, Forbes, Boston Globe, and Washington Post. Notable people who have shared the message on social media about supporting independent bookstores include Dan Rather, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Salman Rushdie.

Don't let indie bookstores become a work of fiction; take a shelfie! I shopped at Storybook Cove today!; Post with #storybookcove #boxedout #shopindie; books curated by a real person, not a creepy algorithm
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Booksellers are encouraged to continue spreading the word. While surprise full-store installations were unveiled in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. (chosen by the ad agency based on their market, the number of journalists living in those neighborhoods, and other criteria), and some stores (chosen by the ad agency based on similar criteria) received kits to create displays, all stores have access to social media assets and DIY display materials to encourage further media coverage. In addition, ABA and a publicist have been pitching local stories across the country, resulting in post-launch coverage.

All stores are invited to use the materials available on BookWeb to create their own displays or talk with the media, including:

Stores are also invited to reach out to ABA for help writing an op-ed or reaching out to local media contacts.