News, Updates, and Reminders for Kobo eReading Stores

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A New Kobo Logo! Why and How to Update Your Website

Kobo has announced a new logo to better reflect its link with owner The Rakuten Group.

Why the change?

In a statement, Kobo told ABA:

Since its inception, Kobo has pushed the boundaries of digital reading, empowering passionate booklovers around the globe to read more, read anywhere, and read easy—on any device they choose. And as Kobo continues to innovate and grow, so too does our appearance.

We have been a proud part of the Rakuten family since 2012, and we recently launched our fresh new look and logo. The Rakuten Group of companies’ philosophy calls for the empowerment of individuals and society through online services that ensure a high standard of satisfaction for customers.

What does this mean for independent bookstores? It’s business as usual. With the support of our parent company, Rakuten, Kobo remains passionate about providing the best eReading experience for your customers, those who put reading at the center of their lives. We will continue to build on the digital reading service that you have come to know and love so that your customers can read the way they want.

For more information about Rakuten, click here.

New Logo Means New DIY to Update Your Website

ABA has added updated files to our Kobo section on BookWeb’s Designs and Downloads — click on “Kobo” in the section menu — including the new logo and new web banners for the eRead Local Program. Both can be seen in action on the list of Kobo stores.

Kobo Supports Banned Books Week

Kobo will be showcasing Banned Books Week titles for its U.S. customers during the promotion period, September 27 to October 3, 2015, beginning with a carousel of featured YA titles on the U.S. homepage and on a carefully curated kids’ books page. (Banned Books Week titles are not yet up on those pages.) Kobo will also be sending a promotional e-mail to U.S. customers on September 30 and will be engaged in focused social media, using #bannedbooksweek. (Is your store doing a Banned Books Week display? Please send us photos.)

Kobo By the Numbers

Here are some interesting numbers: there are 36,248 new Kobo customer accounts originating with ABA member bookstores, which produced $1.5 million in sales. That means that 36,248 people are buying digital content from indies, and $1.5 million in sales did not go to Amazon. It’s encouraging momentum. Imagine what turning marketing up a notch could accomplish; there are more fresh, bold new Kobo banners coming to the DIY in the next few weeks, and the eRead Local program continues through the end of November.

Missing Customers SOS

If someone is missing from your store’s Kobo customer list who you know should be affiliated with the store, report the missing customer by submitting their e-mail address to ABA. These will be researched and eligible accounts will be reported to Kobo for re-affiliation. Eligible accounts include customers intended to be affiliated with the store but for a variety of reasons — web link, eReader, or user error — failed to be properly affiliated. Note: Kobo is unable to provide a retroactive revenue share.

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