Small Business Majority Acquires, Expands Educational Online Lending Platform

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Venturize logoThe Small Business Majority (SBM), a national small business advocacy organization, has introduced expanded resources to, an educational online lending platform that the organization took over in February. The platform aims to help small business owners access the most appropriate lending options. According to SBM, Venturize is designed to take into account the needs of diverse business owners, especially women, entrepreneurs of color, and younger entrepreneurs.

Venturize was originally developed by the Opportunity Finance Network to help connect small businesses with lenders and business assistance programs, and to make empowered decisions when seeking capital. The platform looks to aid small businesses, including independent booksellers, in accessing capital.

The platform provides small businesses with the resources to learn about and compare different types of loans for which they might qualify and to navigate the borrowing process. Available resources include “Borrowing 101,” which provides an accessible guide to financing sources and loan types, tools for creating a business plan, a guide to navigating the small business legal landscape, and a glossary of terms aimed at helping business owners decipher financial jargon.

SBM incorporated Venturize into their Entrepreneurship Program and plans to continue enhancing and expanding the resources offered on Venturize. The organization recently introduced a locator map that allows business owners to identify nearby business assistance providers who often offer services for free or low cost.