Staying Informed Crucial to Success of IndieCommerce Upgrade

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As the upgrade to Drupal 7 gets underway, IndieCommerce stores are urged to update their contact information to ensure they will receive targeted upgrade-specific communications that will keep them informed about each step of the process.

The back-end components of the upgrade require certain IndieCommerce functions to be limited, so it is crucial that booksellers keep a close watch for all incoming communications to be aware of these deadlines. This Friday, stores will receive the January IndieCommunication containing important information regarding themes and accounts. 

Though some details will be included in the regular monthly newsletter, all IndieCommerce stores should register at least one e-mail address to receive upgrade-specific communications. This e-mail address will be used by the IndieCommerce team to relay action items specific to each bookstore. To ensure that these updates are reaching the appropriate staff members, stores that are already on the mailing list are asked to check and update their contact information via the registration page.

To register or update information, booksellers must enter an e-mail address, click continue, and complete the registration form on the following page. On this page, booksellers also have the option to subscribe to the monthly IndieCommunication newsletter as well as the weekly Kobo update.

E-mails will be archived in the ABA message center, located in upper right corner of the admin toolbar on a bookstore’s IndieCommerce site. When a new action item has been added, the menu link will be highlighted in red.