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06 Jun

Fellow Booksellers Urge Participation in ABACUS Survey

“An incredible resource.” “An invaluable tool.” “The rewards are overwhelming.” These are just some of the positive things that ABA member booksellers have to say about ABACUS.

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24 May

ABACUS-15 Survey Opens May 26

ABA member stores should be on the lookout for an e-mail arriving on Thursday, May 26, that will include introductory information about the ABACUS-15 survey; instructions and FAQs; and links to the secure, online ABACUS submission form.

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06 Apr

Stacy Mitchell to Present Plenary at BEA on the New Localism Challenge: Bookseller Discussion Groups Follow

Booksellers at BEA are encouraged to join Stacy Mitchell, a nationally recognized expert on small business and healthy local economies, for an insightful plenary talk about the evolution of localism from primarily a consumer movement to one that also includes policy development and political change.

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02 Mar

Winter Institute’s New Localism Sessions Now on Video

Booksellers can now watch videos of three Winter Institute 11 sessions on the New Localism movement: “Amazon and Empty Storefronts,” “City Growth and Downtown Math,” and “The New Localism.”

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24 Feb

New Localism Toolkit Coming Next Week

ABA will release a New Localism toolkit next week to help booksellers both educate community members and elected officials about the latest relevant data regarding the localism movement and better advocate in support of public policy that promotes vibrant and diverse communities.

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29 Oct

ABA Bylaws Change Passes

An amendment to the Bylaws of the American Booksellers Association that will increase the number of Board members from 10 to 11 was approved by the membership in a vote that concluded on Monday, October 26.

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01 Jul

Still Time to Submit Data to ABACUS Survey

While today is the deadline for ABACUS-14, bookstores that begin their submissions today — or that have not yet finished submitting their store’s information — will have until midnight (Pacific) on Tuesday, July 7, to finalize their submissions.

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25 Jun

Domnitz Scholarship to Winter Institute 11 Open to ABACUS Reporting Stores

ABA will award the Avin Mark Domnitz Scholarship to attend Winter Institute 11 to the owner or an employee of a bookstore that submits its 2014 financial data to the ABACUS-14 survey before the July 1 deadline.

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04 Jun

Booksellers Urged to Participate in ABACUS Survey

ABA main store members received an e-mail from the National Association of College Stores’ OnCampus Research on Tuesday, June 2, with instructions for participating in ABACUS-14 and links to the secure, online ABACUS submission form.

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15 May

Spring Booksellers Forums Conclude: Education Presentation Available Online

The PowerPoint presentation from the ABA spring Booksellers Forum education session “Exploring New Markets” is available to booksellers on The forums, which began March 11 in Omaha, Nebraska, concluded on April 29 in Boston, Massachusetts.

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