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24 Feb

Greenlight Bookstore Returns to Its Community Lenders Program for Second Location

As plans progress for Greenlight Bookstore’s second location, owners Rebecca Fitting and Jessica Stockton Bagnulo have re-launched the store’s Community Lenders Program, as much to build a relationship with the new neighborhood as to raise start-up capital.

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19 Nov

Tips for Maintaining a Customer Base During the Low Season

Here, booksellers who will be featured on the Winter Institute 11 panel “How to Keep Seasonal Customers Year-Round” share some of their best practices for keeping engaged with local customers and seasonal visitors to spur sales during slow months.

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12 Nov

Solar Initiatives a Success at Two Indie Bookstores

Arizona’s Antigone Books and New Hampshire’s MainStreet BookEnds have each reaped the benefits since switching to solar-powered electrical systems in 2011.

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04 Nov

SEC Adopts Crowdfunding Rules to Assist Small Business Access to Capital

On Friday, October 30, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted final rules that will allow companies to offer and sell securities through crowdfunding.

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24 Sep

POS Vendors Prepare for October 1 Deadline for EMV Transition

As the credit card industry prepares to shift to EMV chip card technology, several point-of-sale vendors working on transitioning bookstores to new equipment have provided status updates as well as contact information for booksellers looking to learn more.

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12 Aug

Small Business Majority Launches Access to Capital Portal

The Small Business Majority launched the Small Business Access to Capital Resource Portal to help small businesses and entrepreneurs explore options for securing funding.

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07 Jul

SBA Offers Online Course on Preparing a Loan Package

The Small Business Administration has created the online course “How to Prepare a Loan Package” to assist small business owners who are interested in borrowing money to start, grow, or expand their businesses.

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22 Apr

Equity-Based Crowdfunding: The Answer for Small Business Capital?

The SBA Office of Advocacy has released an issue brief that examines the potential impact of new SEC rules for equity-based crowdfunding, which are expected to be released this fall.

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25 Mar

Lower AmEx Rate Now Available Through Bancard

Bookstores working with Bancard Systems, the American Booksellers Association’s affiliated credit card processing company, will be seeing lower rates for accepting American Express credit cards. 

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24 Mar

In Case You Missed It: What POS Vendors Are Doing to Prepare Booksellers for EMV Chip Cards

Here, six point-of-sale (POS) vendors provide an update on their work to help booksellers transition to EMV chip card technology by fall 2015.

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17 Mar

AmEx Offers $100 Reward Card for Upgrade to Chip-Enabled System by April 30

The latest American Express program designed to support small businesses offers merchants the opportunity to earn a $100 American Express® Reward Card to help defray the cost of purchasing EMV-enabled card readers for their point-of-sale systems.

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26 Feb

Bancard Offers Flier on Transition to EMV Chip Card Technology

In preparation for the credit card industry’s transition to EMV chip cards by October 2015, Bancard Systems, ABA’s affiliated credit card processing company, is providing its small business clients with a detailed flier looking at how merchants should plan for the switch.

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04 Feb

What POS Vendors Are Doing to Prepare Booksellers for EMV Chip Cards

Here, six point-of-sale (POS) vendors provide an update on their work to help booksellers transition to EMV chip card technology by fall 2015.

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22 Jan

Wi10 Panel to Provide Expert Advice on Securing Small Business Loans

A financial consultant, a banker, and a credit union representative will present different perspectives on what it takes to secure financing for a planned expansion or special project at a bookstore during the Wi10 panel “How to Work With Your Bank: What You Need to Know.”

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23 Oct

Curious Iguana Goes Global With Donations Under Innovative Business Model

Since its opening in September 2013, Curious Iguana in Frederick, Maryland, has donated more than $10,000 to international charities through its operations as a benefit corporation.

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