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30 Jul

Successful Succession: New Owners Talk About Buying a Bookstore

As part of its continuing coverage of succession planning issues, Bookselling This Week spoke to six bookstore owners who recently and successfully purchased independent bookstores. Last week, BTW covered "Succession II," a session from BookExpo America moderated by Ivan Barkhorn, a consultant to ABA on strategic matters, and provided a link to Barkhorn's PowerPoint presentation.

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20 Mar

Technology + Tech-Savvy Development = A Much Improved ABACUS

California bookseller Amy Thomas has written an open letter to the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association membership explaining why she believes the new ABACUS project is so important to her business, and to independent booksellers. The deadline for reporting for ABACUS Year One is March 31, 2003.

By Amy Thomas

Dear Fellow Booksellers,

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05 Feb

Creativity and Trust a Key Ingredient to Green Apple Succession

One key element to successful bookstore succession planning is to know your ideal buyer and terms. Experts attest that the process of selling a store is complicated enough without having to negotiate with a buyer who is, at best, an unknown quantity.

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12 Sep

ABA Launches New, Streamlined ABACUS Survey

ABA has begun work to reintroduce the ABACUS industry study with the launch of a new, streamlined Web interface for reporting financial data. A popular ABA product in past years, ABACUS has proven to be a vital research tool for booksellers of every size, offering extensive industry-specific financial breakdowns and analyses that enable independent booksellers to compare their own store's performance and financial health to detailed industry composites.

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03 Sep

Report Shows Banks Increased Small Business Lending

American banks increased their micro-business loans by 10.1 percent in 2001, according to "Micro-Business-Friendly Banks in the United States," a report issued in August by the Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

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