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27 Mar

Cash Flow Strategies Within Reach

While stores may vary in the way they approach cash flow, it’s important to make time to plan ahead for the proper management of income and expenses to best maintain the inflow and outflow of bookstore funds. Here’s a look at some of the cash flow practices employed by three stores of different sizes.

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26 Mar

Bancard Offers ABA Members Low Rates on Credit Card Processing

Through a new ABA affiliate partnership, Bancard Systems is offering ABA members exclusive, low rates on credit card processing and free side-by-side rate comparisons.

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06 Mar

Bancard Offers New Credit Card Processing Option for ABA Members

The American Booksellers Association has formed a new affiliate partnership with Bancard Systems, a credit card processing company that is offering exclusive, low rates for ABA member bookstores and free side-by-side rate comparisons. 

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26 Sep

BTW News Briefs

ABFFE and Pen American Center host Paradise Banned; Writers receive MacArthur fellowships; PayPal offers small business loans; Georgetown’s Harborwalk Books destroyed by fire; Anti-tax groups support Amazon’s appeal to Supreme Court 

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15 Jul

Hachette Retail Bookstore Marketing Program Streamlines Co-op

Hachette Book Group has announced a new Retail Bookstore Marketing Program that will make its co-op more accessible and easier to use. 

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10 Jun

Panelists Offer Insights on Planning for a Second Location

At ABA’s education session “How to Plan for a Second Location” at BEA, a panel of experienced booksellers shared their experiences of starting a new venture, including determining when to expand, arranging startup capital, finding a location, coordinating staff, managing inventory, and handling POS and store logistics. 

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10 May

Swipe Fees Decline Significantly

Almost two years after the Durbin “swipe fee” amendment was signed into law as part of the sweeping Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the Federal Reserve reported that the average interchange fee has nearly been halved.

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09 Feb

Small Business Administration Resources Explained

Resources and services available to booksellers from the U.S. Small Business Administration and its partners were the focus of a panel at last month’s Winter Institute.

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26 Aug

Grassroots Financing Is Underwriting a New Crop of Neighborhood Businesses

Stacy Mitchell, senior researcher with the New Rules Project and author of Big-Box Swindle: The True Cost of Mega-Retailers and the Fight for America’s Independent Businesses, looks at grassroots financing of local businesses, including Brooklyn's Greenlight Bookstore, Oakland's  Awaken Café, and Hardwick, Vermont's Claire's Restaurant.

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03 Jun

Thinking of Buying or Selling: Booksellers Tell Their Succession Stories

The decision to sell a business begs a series of hard questions, including: How much is the business worth? How can its value be increased? What are alternatives to exiting the business? How are buyers selected? Panelists tackled these questions and more during the Day of Education session "Succession Planning: Valuing Your Business."

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19 May

Reminder: ABACUS Consultations Available at BookExpo America

Booksellers who would like help completing the 2009 ABACUS Survey can now set up appointments to meet one-on-one with David Walker, ABA's industry consultant, at BookExpo America. Walker is available for meetings in the ABA Booksellers Lounge (Room 1E07/08 of the Javits Convention Center) beginning Friday, May 29.

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16 Aug

ABACUS Deadline Extended Until Midnight Sunday

Due to the last-minute rush of ABACUS submissions for the 2007 ABACUS study, ABA is extending the deadline to midnight on Sunday, August 19.

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17 Nov

Customer Confusion About Debit Card Fees a Growing Issue

With the holidays looming and a recently released NRF survey indicating that debit cards are now more popular than credit cards, it's conceivable that consumers' confusion and indignation over debit card fees found on their bank statements could soon become a significant issue for retailers -- if it isn't already.

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17 Jun

The 2% Solution: Moving Your Bookstore Out of the Red

On Saturday, June 5, at BookExpo America, ABA CEO Avin Mark Domnitz conducted the two-hour session "The 2% Solution," a comprehensive seminar that suggested ways in which operators of bookstores could address issues related to lack of profitability. "The thrust of the session is to try to go from a negative profitability to a positive," Domnitz said in his opening remarks. "This used to be called a two percent industry…. The thing that struck me about it, is that it is doable."

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05 Feb

Calling All Booksellers: Time to Submit Numbers to ABACUS Year Two

In a recent e-mail sent out to all ABA-member bookstores, ABA CEO Avin Mark Domnitz strongly encouraged bookstores to submit their fiscal 2003 financial statement numbers to the "ABACUS Survey -- Year 2."

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