ABA Book Buyer's Handbook Print Deadline Approaches

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ABA is currently polling bookstore members to find out how many stores are interested in purchasing a new print edition of the ABA Book Buyer's Handbook. In April 2002, the ABA Book Buyer's Handbook online launched at handbook.bookweb.org/, and since that time more than 750 publishers, distributors, and wholesalers have changed or added information to their company data. Because the electronic Handbook allows publishers to update their company information at any time and includes short-term special offers and active links to publishers' Web sites, the online Handbook has become an invaluable resource for booksellers.

Recognizing that some booksellers still want a print book, however, ABA is seeking to ascertain the demand for a 2003 print edition. A minimum of 250 Handbooks must be ordered to keep the price at approximately $50.

ABA bookstore members interested in a print 2003 edition, who haven't already let the association know, should do so by July 14. For an online form, click here; or send an e-mail to [email protected], with Book Buyer's Handbook in the subject line and include store name, address, phone number, ABA ID number, and number of copies desired. Based on the number of booksellers responding, a price will be set. ABA will then contact respondents to verify the price and take orders.

Publishers, wholesalers, and distributors that have not activated their accounts to update their company information in the Handbook online should contact Tory Chiaramida, Handbook coordinator, at [email protected] or (914) 591-2665, ext. 1263, for their company's access code.