ABA Booksellers Resource Directory Now Online

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The American Booksellers Association recently launched the Booksellers Resource Directory (BRD), a listing of vendors of nonbook products and services, open to ABA bookstore, provisional, and publisher members.

The BRD replaces the former Bookstore Source Guide with an updated database of vendors of sidelines, office supplies, display fixtures, computer hardware and software, design services, and more, in a very user-friendly format.

The BRD can be accessed via the BookWeb homepage (just look for the purple button on the left) or via the Products & Services page. Users can also bookmark or add the BRD to their favorites list so they can access the directory easily from their desktop.

A BookWeb username and password is required to access the BRD. ABA members who do not already have a user name and password can create one by clicking on "Register for BookWeb" on the site's homepage.

Questions regarding the directory should be addressed to the BRD staff at [email protected]. Vendors can submit information for inclusion in the directory though a Web form or a downloadable PDF.