ABA Survey to Help Publishers Develop Indie-Focused Pre-Order Campaigns

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One year in to ABA’s increased focus on pre-orders, many publishers and authors are looking for ways to direct pre-order sales to independent bookstores, so ABA has created a survey for booksellers to fill out with information that will be useful in these efforts.

Let's Talk preordersABA sent out the survey on Wednesday, May 22, to the main contact of all active regular member stores; responses are due back Friday, June 7. In the survey, bookstores will be asked whether they actively solicit pre-orders and if so, whether they do this done online, in-store, or both. The survey also asks stores how many months before the on-sale date they would ideally want to know about signed cartons and/or added value items.

Booksellers should note that ABA will be sharing the list of responding stores that promote pre-orders with publishers that have requested it. These publishers will use the information collected to develop their indie-centric pre-order campaigns, proposed marketing ideas for which include coordinating cover reveals with independent bookstores, as well as podcast announcements directing followers to indie stores. 

The survey deadline is Friday, June 7.