ABA’s Book Buyer’s Handbook Includes Trove of Publisher Information, Special Offers

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The American Booksellers Association’s Book Buyer’s Handbook is full of useful information for member booksellers that comes directly from the publishers, distributors, and wholesalers themselves; users can consult the Handbook for a variety of information, including key contacts, ordering and returns policies, details about co-op advertising, special offers, and more.

The Book Buyer’s Handbook homepage can be found at handbook.bookweb.org or under the Quick Links heading at the bottom of BookWeb. To provide quick access, the handbook homepage features an up-to-date list of all current special offers from publishers, as well as links to publishers’ backlist programs, offers for new stores, and seasonal offers, including Indies First. A link to the Indies First 2019 promotional terms from publishers will be posted in early September.

Recently added to the homepage is a link to a page with details from publishers and wholesale distribution companies that are offering terms to make it easier for indie booksellers to establish direct accounts and diversify their sources of inventory, in order to support stores that are former Baker & Taylor customers.

Booksellers can also visit the handbook homepage to find links to ABA’s Backlist Buying Calculator, which helps booksellers evaluate the advantages of backlist offers, and the Pre-Order Calendar, which is updated weekly with order details and marketing materials, specifically for books with added value such as signed copies and exclusive merchandise. 

While the Book Buyer’s Handbook supplies actionable, critical information that answers booksellers’ questions and fuels ordering, it is a resource that is only as good as the information publishers provide. Publishers, distributors, and wholesalers that are listed in the Handbook can easily access and update their listings by signing in to BookWeb; for a BookWeb login, e-mail [email protected]. Vendors that are interested in being included in the Book Buyer’s Handbook are welcome to fill out a preliminary questionnaire.

Publishers can submit any special offer terms to ABA Book Data Assistant Alison Larkin, Senior Program Officer Joy Dallanegra-Sanger, or Program and Development Coordinator Jessica Stauffer. Booksellers and publishers with questions about the Book Buyer’s Handbook can reach out directly to Larkin via e-mail.

Booksellers need to be signed in to BookWeb.org to access the Handbook. A username and password are required; e-mail [email protected] for login details.