Announcing the Spring - Summer Reading Group Picks

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Stores with Book Sense will be receiving the Spring - Summer 2008 Book Sense Reading Group Picks list in the May Red Box mailing; however, the full list, with bookseller quotes, can be previewed online now.

The Reading Group Picks list is the brainchild of indie booksellers -- launched at their suggestion -- and it is one of the most popular lists of the year. ABA consistently receives the most requests for additional copies of the Reading Group List and hears about the the many ways in which booksellers use the list -- from in-store distribution and handouts to reading group leaders to take-away components in special in-store displays. The list features a wide range of popular fiction and nonfiction, with a special eye toward titles booksellers believe will stimulate especially lively discussion for book groups.

Recognizing the importance of the Reading Group list, Book Sense will be producing a second yearly list, which booksellers will receive in the fall. (The deadline for nominations for that list is August 8.)