Bestseller Reporting Easier and More Important Than Ever

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As the trade and consumer recognition of the Book Sense Bestseller list grows, bookstores that do not yet regularly report to the list have the potential of significantly helping to widen the scope and awareness of the list. Publishers already look to the Book Sense Bestseller lists as an accurate barometer of trends within the independent bookselling community, and consumer awareness of the bestseller lists (and the Book Sense program in general) is growing rapidly. In fact, the Book Sense Bestseller lists are regularly featured in over 80 newspapers, magazines, television programs, and Internet media publications nationwide. If more reporters participate each week, the lists can have an even greater impact on the bookselling and publishing industries.

There are two automated reporting options: the ABA file-upload method and Nielsen Book Scan. Both options allow users to create files in their point-of-sale computer systems, which are then electronically sent to the bestseller system without requiring manual entry of title information by the user.

For most reporters who have computerized inventory control systems in their stores, the easiest and fastest way to report is via Book Scan. Many major computer inventory systems are supported by Book Scan's service, and reporters who opt to use Nielsen Book Scan's service receive a free weekly breakdown of the bestselling titles in their area. In addition, stores that are regular reporters to the list (and stores that nominate titles to the Book Sense 76) get the benefit of early shipment of the monthly white box, and second boxes when they are scheduled.

Testifying to the ease of reporting with Book Scan, Catherine Weller of Sam Weller's Books in Salt Lake City, Utah said, "It's a piece of cake, nothing could be easier." Weller who's been using Book Scan to report to Book Sense since September 2002 also added, "Worst case scenario, it takes about three minutes. We report to Book Sense because it's extremely important to remind publishers that independent bookstores are still here and still matter."

For reporters who do not use computerized point-of-sale systems, a manual entry option is available along with the ABA file-upload option at

For more information about becoming a reporter, to get technical support about any aspect of reporting, or to offer feedback and suggestions, call (800) 637-0037 ext. 1211, or send an e-mail to [email protected].