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01 Apr

Join ABA’s April 7 Technology Meetup on Direct to Home Fulfillment From Ingram

As online shopping increases due to social distancing and readers staying at home, Ingram is joining ABA for a Technology Meetup to illustrate its Direct to Home service.

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01 Apr

Join ABA’s April 9 Marketing Meetup on Virtual Events

With readers staying home and bookstores in various states of closure due to COVID-19, virtual events are quickly becoming one of the main ways stores are keeping their connection with customers. 

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01 Apr

An Important Customer Support Update From IndieCommerce

During such a busy time, the IndieCommerce team is eager to help booksellers with their sites, but assistance may take a bit longer than usual.

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25 Mar

IndieCommunication: If Your Store Is Forced to Temporarily Close

The most recent update from the IndieCommerce team illustrates how to use Ingram for fulfilling orders submitted on your IndieCommerce site.

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11 Mar

IndieCommunication: New Website Features and a Password Policy Update

The most recent update from the IndieCommerce team highlights some new site features — including an add-to-cart pop-over — and a request to update passwords.

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09 Mar

Join ABA’s March 26 Marketing Meetup

Marketing and Technology Meetups will occur as normal through April; beginning in May, ABA will experiment with a new schedule of one Marketing Meetup and one Technology Meetup per month.

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04 Mar

Technology Meetup Recap: Ingram iPage

iPage is Ingram’s easy-to-use online search, order, and account management platform; retailers can use the platform as a comprehensive source for complete title information, product images, stock status, and more. 

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24 Feb

Bibliotech: A Visit to the National Retail Federation’s 2020 Trade Show

Among the discoveries were retailer helpers in the form of robots, electronic shelf-talkers, smart lockers for after-hours pickups and returns, and unique security system features.

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14 Feb

IndieCommunication: New Team Member, SEO Tips, and Password Security

The most recent update from the IndieCommerce team highlights the hiring of Specialist Courtney Karecki, a recent education session on SEO, and password policy changes.

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12 Feb

Technology Meetup Recap: Password Security

During the meetup, booksellers heard about the importance of password security, best practices for creating passwords, and tools to make remembering passwords a little bit easier while still being secure. 

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29 Jan

Sign Up for ABA’s February 4 Technology Meetup

In this session, booksellers will learn about best practices for password security.

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08 Jan

Sign Up for ABA’s January 14 Technology Meetup

In this session, booksellers will participate in an open discussion about what technology made their businesses most efficient last year, what topics they want to see covered this year, and more.

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03 Dec Education Resources Page Now Features Improved Browsing Function

Changes have been made to the page’s browsing function to make it easier for BookWeb users to find the educational content they are looking for.

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20 Nov

Committee on Small Business Holds Hearing With Big Tech

“The grip that Big Tech now holds over our daily lives and our competitive landscape at the same time is astounding but also concerning,” said hearing leader Chairwoman Nydia Velázquez.

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19 Nov

Technology Meetup Recap: Task Management/Staff Communication Tools

During the meetup, booksellers discussed the tools they use for staff communication and task management, including Slack, Trello, Asana, and BiTrix24.

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