Book Sense Welcomes New Publishing Partner

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Book Sense is pleased to welcome the recently launched Unbridled Books as its newest publishing partner. In February, industry veterans Fred Ramey and Greg Michalson announced the formation of Unbridled Books, a new house based on a longstanding publishing partnership. Ramey and Michalson were the founders of MacMurray & Beck and BlueHen Books, where they published the works of such notable Book Sense favorites as Susan Vreeland, Marc Estrin, and Debra Magpie Earling.

Ramey explained to BTW that Unbridled would enable the duo to "publish what we care about. Greg and I invest our ego and efforts into every book we are publishing," and he underscored that Unbridled would be working to develop strong, supportive relationships with independent booksellers nationwide. Michalson noted, "We want to publish books that will last," adding "our vision is our own."

In a company release, Ramey and Michalson commented, "Unbridled Books aspires to become a premier publisher of works of rich literary quality that appeal to a broad audience. We want to be able to continue our longtime discussion about what allows a novel to touch our hearts and our minds at once. And we want readers, booksellers, and reviewers to trust that when they pick up an Unbridled book, we're inviting them to enjoy that rarest of pleasures, a good read."

Unbridled's first list will be in fall 2004. It will feature a debut novel from Pushcart-nominee M. Allen Cunningham, The Green Age of Asher Witherow; a new novel from novelist and journalist Masha Hamilton, The Distance Between Us (Hamilton's Staircase of a Thousand Steps was a Book Sense 76 Pick); and the third of Candida Lawrence's memoirs, Fear Itself.