CRP Urges: Act Now to Stop Warrantless Surveillance

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The Campaign for Reader Privacy is urging members of the book community and other supporters of the restoration of the privacy rights stripped away by Section 215 of the Patriot Act to immediately call their members of Congress to request support for the Amash amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill (H.R.2397). The amendment, which will be voted on either today or tomorrow, would bar the National Security Agency from obtaining the telephone records of people who are not suspected of engaging in illegal acts. This link can be used to find the phone numbers of U.S. representatives by zip code.

The sponsors of the Campaign for Reader Privacy — the American Booksellers Association, American Library Association, Association of American Publishers, and PEN American Center  —  noted in an e-mail to supporters on Tuesday that “this is one of the most important votes in the long fight to restore the protections for privacy that were eliminated by the Patriot Act.”