Edelweiss Updates Process for Nominating Titles for the Indie Next List

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In July, Edelweiss+ rolled out the new “Communities” feature, which invites booksellers to join groups of users based on interest and create their own community in order to share reviews and collections with colleagues.

Previously, the Indie Next List nomination process through Edelweiss was open to any Edelweiss user; now, booksellers who wish to nominate through Edelweiss must join the ABA Community, which will ensure all recommendations are coming from bookstore members of the American Booksellers Association.

Once in the ABA Community, booksellers should click the review icon (which looks like a speech bubble with three dots in it) to submit a nomination.

Next, write a review. When done, select whether to share with the publisher, Edelweiss+ friends or colleagues, and any Communities of which you’re a member. (Note: Clicking into Communities displays the ABA/Indie Next option, which allows for sharing reviews with other members of the ABA Community.) 

To nominate the title, check the box for “Indie Next List” within the “Nominate” list. Previously, sharing a review and nominating to the Indie Next List were the same process; they are now separate functions.

Once nominated, booksellers can look at the title in Edelweiss, which will display the text “Submitted to the Indie Next List.”

Booksellers who do not see the Indie Next List option may not yet be linked with the ABA Community. To join the ABA Community in Edelweiss, go to the People page on Edelweiss and search for “American Booksellers Association” under Available Communities; hit the “join” button.

To join the ABA Community, booksellers will need their six-digit ABA member ID number. Only one user at each store needs to join the ABA Community for all users from that store to be part of the community; if one person at the store joins, all employees who are associated with that store will be added to the ABA Community. Booksellers can talk with their managers or e-mail [email protected] to get their ABA member ID number. As a reminder, multiple booksellers from the same store may nominate the same book.

Booksellers who receive an error message when entering their member ID number should e-mail [email protected] with the number.

Booksellers who do not use Edelweiss can still submit nominations to the Indie Next List by filling out the nomination form on BookWeb.org and on NetGalley by clicking “title feedback.”

See detailed, step-by-step directions for submitting reviews and nominations to the Indie Next List via Edelweiss, and learn more about Edelweiss+ Communities here.